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    I'm pretty new to droid and got it down for the most part. I'm have a problem wit some contacts. I've linked them to facebook and they're pictures will not pull into the contact even tho they're linked (altho it pulls up their albums, etc). I've tried unlinking. Deleting the contact. My latest attempt is deleting the contact. Went into my google account online, deleted the contact there. Went to my favorites widget, and this person is still there! I went into "people" contact is gone. Went to "search people", contact is still there! When I click on it, I can't delete it. Its not an option. I'm assuming this is why I can't see the pic, how can I delete this person com.pletely so I can re-enter them to see if that fixes it. Thanks!!
    03-10-2011 02:49 PM