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    Ok so I've noticed there are a lot of threads about battery life when it comes to android phones so I kind of hate to make another one, and please don't hate me for making one haha. But I saw a thread about this for another android and I kind of wondered about it when it came to the shift.

    I've been on and off concerned about battery life on my shift. When I first got it, it was awful. After some good charges and I stopped just goofing with it all the time it got better of course. I'm pretty sure with moderate use I can get about 9 hours before it gets to about 35-29%. My screen of course uses almost of all of my battery life which seems weird but it seems to be the trend. If I use something like Juice Defender the time goes way up, which it should since it shuts down data when the screen turns off.

    Today I charged my phone to green, rebooted it to reset the counters and got this.
    Battery 29%
    Up Time: 6:09:45
    Awake time: 4:42:00

    So with a lot of awake time; surfing the net, tons of txts, some gaming here and there, taking and uploading a few photos and more (no phone calls) I got 6 hours before it went yellow. I'm pretty sure I would of gotten another hour at least maybe near 2 before it went critical or died. I had 3G data left on as well as sync; wifi, gps and 4g were off. Facebook,Twitter, and weather widgets refresh every 30 mins. My back light is at 10%...

    So this is what I am curious about; what are your times? Just trying to see what an average is. Just charge it up to green (either off or on) and check the numbers when ever you want and list some of the info like I did. Of course if you leave it on to charge you must reboot as it will not reset the times if you don't.
    03-26-2011 08:32 PM
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    Up time 5:11:18
    Awake time 1:23:53
    Battery level 59%
    03-27-2011 03:17 PM
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    Awesome someone participated!
    Interesting results, I'm so far today at (with the same settings as before)
    Uptime: 5:36:43
    Awake Time: 1:44:32
    Battery Level: 67%
    So not as much gaming and web surfing. But still some facebook and twitter use and about the same amount of txting.

    I decided to test the battery last night by charging before I went to bed and then just locking the screen and seeing what I got. I forgot to write it down but it was something like 7 hours of Uptime, 15 mins of Awake Time, and a battery level of 92%. I was rather surprised; the battery was only touched by the system, idle, and cell signal. I remember my Blackberry use to just drain all night for no reason.
    03-27-2011 04:11 PM
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    I'm using a brand newly activated two days ago Evo Shift. I did a full charge before turning it on for the first time. Then left it plugged in while a performed all of the setup, activation, and apps download/installation. I setup all of the same apps I had on my old HTC Hero with a few Android 2.2 only app additions. Then I unplugged and used it until I got the battery below the 10% warning after which I charged it overnight. So, I have a full charge and a full discharge before I unplugged it today.

    Today up time: 6 hours
    Battery level: 85%
    Use: Very little use since I wanted to simulate when I have it sitting on my desk at work.

    To me this is pretty good numbers compared to my old Hero since I do have the Evo Shift logged in to Google Latitude. On my old Hero, being logged into Latitude would drain the Hero's battery significantly. So, I'm doing more on the Evo Shift then I did on the Hero and I'm getting the same battery life. But, the Hero was rooted with SetCPU running to throttle the CPU speed down when the screen was off to achieve its battery life. So, without doing anything special on the Evo Shift, it is outperforming the Hero as far as battery life.
    03-27-2011 04:25 PM
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    Yeah I kinda wish I got a little better life with heavier use, it just seems like the screen sucks way too much power even when set low. But it is still real nice and not as bad as I feared when I first got it.
    But like you said I noticed after last night this phone can last a real long time in idle. So while at work or on the road and not touching it much it should not be any issue. If you turn off data refreshing widgets and such too it could last for days in idle I don't doubt it.

    Final time for today

    Battery: 40%
    Up time: 10:48
    Awake Time: 3:16
    03-27-2011 04:34 PM
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    Once you train yourself and your battery you should get 10-12 hours easy. The shift's battery life is way better then most smart phones. There are several battery saver threads but they all boil down to a couple things:

    1. remove "auto updating widgets" or set them to update manually.
    2. Don't run task killers. Them waking up to kill tasks can use more battery power then the task they are killing.
    3. Don't have accounts you don't care about syncing regularly.

    Up time
    Awake time

    Display 45%
    Cell Standby 11%
    Phone Idle 9%
    Voice calls 6%
    Wifi 6%
    Android System 6%
    Android OS 3%

    The remainder is various apps.
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    03-28-2011 09:20 AM
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    Yesterday around 8PM I hit 15% at 32 hours unplugged. That was on a fresh reboot. Total anomaly but awesome.
    I usually get around 12-14 hours, with about 25% of that being awake time. I'm on Launcher Pro with two home screens and three widgets that update manually. I don't make a lot of calls, maybe an hours worth at the most, it's mainly text/email/messenger communications. I read twitter/wikipedia/google reader when I'm waiting for my food/etc. I play games while I watch tv. Pretty 'normal' use I think. My battery life has been getting better as I get into more of a use/charge routine.
    03-28-2011 12:10 PM
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    Yeah I got 10 hours of uptime yesterday with still 40%. I'd rather not kill all my widgets and do manual updates and so far I don't really need to. Like yesterday with moderate/average use i had plenty of life.

    I don't care that anyone does that for this thread, how ever you use your phone helps with the umm "stats" of this thread. The basic idea is to get comparisons and maybe an average or two of sorts. It may help some people save battery life but that wasn't main focus on the thread.

    I just found it all interesting since battery life with androids is such a hot topic.

    Speaking of interesting. Last night I charged my phone to green, rebooted, unplugged it and left it locked all night. But something this time kept it awake even with it locked. I had the same 7 hours of up and awake time. While I still had 45% battery that just bothers me; gotta find out what ran all night long. It hasn't done this before....

    Final for today
    Battery: 30%
    Up time: 09:20:51
    Awake Time: 04:55:24

    Not bad!
    03-28-2011 01:33 PM
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    I just figured that apps/widgets/use goes hand in hand with battery life discussions.
    Anyway, I'm about to hit 30 hours again. I'll take a picture when I get home.
    I didn't reboot after charging so my times are a little messed up but still on my average %25ish awake.

    68 on.
    19 awake.

    These topics are always interesting. I'll reboot after my next charge.
    03-29-2011 11:56 AM