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    I need to access the internet through a proxy server. I cannot find anywhere on the device under any settings to enter the information for the proxy server. Does this option not exist or am I just oblivious?
    06-08-2011 01:45 PM
  2. melficersx's Avatar
    Not exist

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    06-08-2011 07:09 PM
  3. chinmas's Avatar
    unfortunately, neither Evo Shifts or Android have any sort of proxy ability out of the box. I think there are some applications that might let you add something, but it generally requires root - which is a lot of trouble to go through for a proxy
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    06-14-2011 03:12 PM
  4. buskE46's Avatar
    Depending on your router, you might be able to force proxy for your phone on that side of things.

    Google your routers model and "DHCP force proxy", you might come up with a solution there.
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    06-16-2011 12:12 AM
  5. ohhaiguyz's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm living outside of the US for the next 7 months and was hoping to be able to use my phone with at least partial functionality. The WiFi at the school I'm at right now is proxy based and I don't have access to the router. Oh, well.
    06-19-2011 01:33 PM
  6. amno1970's Avatar
    Download ProxyDroid from Market and enjoy!
    09-06-2011 10:10 AM
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    Open default internet browser > Menu > More > Settings > Proxy Settings (2nd from bottom) > [Enable] > (Enter information)

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    09-09-2011 06:37 AM