1. ParkandRide's Avatar
    I have been looking to purchase a screen protector and have narrowed it down to the Zagg Invisi-Shield and Ghost Armor. Any suggestions? I haven't seen any videos or reviews specifically comparing the two or even really explaining what the main flaws are so any input will help. Thanks.
    06-27-2011 03:25 AM
  2. Geezerb's Avatar
    I have & love the Zagg. Best part is they replace it at my local mall if it gets scratched for free.
    06-27-2011 11:03 AM
  3. LancerzRalliart's Avatar
    I use this one with no problems at all. seidioonline.com
    06-27-2011 12:19 PM
  4. cmags's Avatar
    I just use the ebay protectors. They do the job as well as the expensive ones but for less than a buck apiece if you buy a few. Then when they scratch (and they all get marred up eventually), just swap it out for a new one and it feels like a new screen again.

    I actually prefer the matte textured ones. A little more expensive (still less than $2 each), and it takes a little sharpness away from the display, but has a nice smooth feel, doesn't get fingerprints and smudges as easily, and doesn't have that mirror effect under a bright light.

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    06-28-2011 08:12 AM
  5. proudfrog's Avatar
    Skinomi. I have the full carbon fiber kit for my phone. I have used Zagg in the past also but Skinomi is cheaper and they offer the exact, hassle free warranty system. You could get it on ebay for cheap...
    07-07-2011 11:20 PM
  6. vintagetechtm's Avatar
    Don't bother with zagg. I had one once and I was not pleased. How can it "protect" my phone from keys scraping it but totally fail when my cat bites my phone? Not too mention it has a strong smell for a couple of days after installation.

    I use the masque brand screen savers from amazon.com and they are better the the zagg, they stand up to my cat when she gets hold of my phone, which isn't often but she's a crafty little cat. The best part over zagg... Masque is cheaper, comes in packes of three, and you can install them yourself. Ghost armor and zagg are difficult to put on and again, the smell post installation is strong for a couple of days. The smell makes me wonder how safe the substance is that adheres the zagg film to a device.

    Just my thoughts.
    07-11-2011 08:47 AM
  7. DaleB's Avatar
    I got a case from Otterbox and a screen protector came with it. I believe it is the Commuter series, however there is only currently one Otterbox for the Shift. Doesnt add to the size and the protection is worth it. I think its around $30.
    07-26-2011 01:40 PM
  8. ParkandRide's Avatar
    I orginally bought the Otterbox case for the phone but I didn't like how it hindered the sliding motion for the keyboard, causes the phone to heat up and it was a pain to get the front plate on properly and even worse to get off. I did find some cheap screen protectors for like $1.50 on Amazon but I think when I get the money, I'll purchase the ghost-armor, skinomi or masque.

    One case protector/ pouch that I did find though is a Sena Kutu off of senacases.com. A bit expensive but this thing will last forever, it's 100% leather and its really protecting the phone from falls and scratches.. I'll eventually throw a video up on it but I highly suggest everyone look into getting one and there's a 20% coupon that you can find using a Google search.
    07-26-2011 01:57 PM
  9. DaleB's Avatar
    I have had the Otterbox on since February and mine has never heated up. My keyboard slide works just as well with it on as it always did. Guess I am not one to be taking the cover off and on. Granted it was a little hard to get on but I think that is so it provides total protection and doesnt fall off,
    07-30-2011 10:33 AM