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    This is a port of the flyer version bu Gumby63 found in this thread:
    [ROM][HC][WIFI] DeSensified v1.6 l 1-3-12 - xda-developers

    You must already be on Honeycomb and have recovery installed.

    This is version 1.5 of DeSensed-View. This is the most AOSP debloated experience you can have on your View

    Based off the HTC View HC OTA
    init.d support
    Stock HC Launcher
    Stock HC Notification bar/navigation
    Stock HC wifi signal meters
    Stock HC Keyboard
    Stock HC Bootanimation
    Stock HC Browser
    Stock HC MMS
    Stock HC Email App
    Stock HC Camera
    A lot of the sense/htc apps and launcher removed
    sprint bloat removed
    **** NOTE the HTC scribe functionality has not been removed from the rom so the scribe should function just as it would on the stock HC rom

    Needs to be done:
    figure out how to change the settings or if I cant at least theme it out
    make more changes to framework and systemui.apk

    Wishful thinking
    Removing the sense 3.0 lockscreen for stock HC lock screen
    (any guidance is appreciated)

    I am not responsible if you flash this and you brick your

    DO NOT FLASH IF YOU ARE ON GINGERBREAD.. Follow the threads in the forum to learn how to upgrade to HC and get/keep s-off

    Download Link: Version 1.5
    WIFI ONLY: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    To enable sprint 3g/4g service flash this zip after you have flashed the rom(you can flash it right after flashing the rom) Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    To remove the shortcuts from the lockscreen(recommended) flash this zip AFTER you have flashed the rom and AFTER you have booted into it once and ran the setup wizard. Flashing this zip before you boot the rom at least once will cause a bootloop. again.. flash this AFTER you have flashed the rom, AFTER it has booted once and AFTER you have run the setup wizard Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Previous version DL link:
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Installation Instructions:
    If coming from another ROM perform a FULL wipe in clockwork recovery: mounts and storage -> format /system format /data format /cache
    If updating from a previous version of this rom just wipe the caches unless told otherwise
    Flash the rom zip

    ALL CREDIT GOES TO Gumby63 for his flyer rom:
    [ROM][HC][WIFI] DeSensified v1.6 l 1-3-12 - xda-developers

    I am not responsible if you flash this and you brick your
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    01-03-2012 12:22 PM
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    I am looking forward to loading your ROM once mine arrives. Glad to see this was posted here in addition to the original posting over at XDA-Dev.
    01-03-2012 08:33 PM
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    Change log from Gumby63's Thread all of which is included/removed in this rom

    ADDED Launcher2.apk (works)
    REMOVED Rosie.apk
    REMOVED HtcFacebook.apk
    REMOVED HtcGreader.apk
    REMOVED HtcGreaderWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcPhotoGridWidget3d.apk
    REMOVED HtcPhotoWidget.apk

    REMOVED com.htc.FriendStream3DWidget.apk
    REMOVED com.htc.htcmsgwidgets3d.apk
    REMOVED com.htc.TrendsWidget.apk
    REMOVED com.htc.Twitter3DWidget.apk
    REMOVED FriendStream.apk
    REMOVED HtcAutoRotateWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcBackgroundDataWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcCalculatorWidget.apk
    REMOVED htccalendarwidgets3d.apk
    REMOVED HtcClock3DWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcMessageCS.apk
    REMOVED HtcMessageProvider.apk
    REMOVED HtcMessageUploader.apk
    REMOVED HtcTipWidget.apk
    ADDED DeskClockGoogle.apk
    ADDED GalleryNew3DGoogle.apk
    ADDED LatinImeGoogle.apk

    ADDED libjni_latinime.so
    REMOVED HTCAlbum.apk

    REMOVED HtcFeedback.apk
    REMOVED HtcTwitter.apk
    REMOVED htcwatchwidget3d.apk
    REMOVED Mms.apk
    REMOVED MyReportAgent.apk
    REMOVED teeter.apk
    REMOVED WatchApp.apk
    REMOVED com.htc.Sync3DWidget.apk
    REMOVED EReader.apk
    REMOVED HtcDataRoamingWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcDataStripWidget.apk

    UPDAtED Updater-script
    ADDED CameraGoogle.apk
    ADDED Browser.apk (FC)
    ADDED Music2.apk
    ADDED Settings1.apk (it removed both settings apps)
    REMOVED HtcContacts.apk
    REMOVED htccontactwidgets3D.apk
    REMOVED HtcRecommends.apk
    REMOVED HtcPowerStripWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcRecommendsWidget.apk
    REMOVED HtcRecommendsWidget.apk
    CHANGED status bar icons and wifi signal in SystemUI.apk
    CHANGED battery images and default wallpaper in framewor-res.apk

    REMOVED CameraGoogle.apk
    REMOVED Browser.apk
    REMOVED Music2apk
    REMOVED Settings1.apk
    CHANGED battery charging images and wifi signal images

    ADDED the correct browser
    Build.prop edit

    Graffixnyc's Change Log:

    Alpha 0
    first release... was named b.zip same as Gumby63's changes above

    Alpha 1:
    A few more HTC APK's removed
    HTC Music app replaced with Google Music App
    Gmail app replaced with one from Asus Transformer Rom (file size was a little bigger) and is now the tablet version(it was the phone version in alpha 0)
    removed stocks widget and app
    removed HTC Hub
    Added ad blocking host file
    fixed car panel showing up twice in app drawer
    fixed bootanimation and used the stock HC bootanimation

    Alpha 2:
    Added stock browser (Thanks Cimer!)
    Added Stock mms app
    Added HTC contact app (stock is giving me issues)

    version 1:
    Same as alpha 2 with HTC clock removed

    version 1.1
    fixed capacitive buttons from lighting up
    removed some more HTC apps
    added hc blue battery icon with %
    made a couple other small changes to the framworks
    updated SU binary and superuser.apk

    Version 1.2
    fixed clock settings from force closing
    removed HTC car panel(Replaced with car home) and locations
    removed a couple of other htc apps
    used the launcher from an Asus Transformer rom (file size was smaller and it seems more responsive, snappy)

    Version 1.3
    There are two versions now. One optimized for wifi only and the other with all the 4g stuff
    Changes in both versions:
    HTC Camera removed replaced with Asus Transformer Camera app. Now you can access the gallery right from the camera app

    init.d fully set up now. It was always enabled I just had to find some scripts I wanted to use and also fix permissions in the update script:
    scripts: v6 supercharger, SD card speed increase, mounts, zipalign

    Facebook, twitter(if you want them get them from the market), dock mode, flickr, HTC slideshow widget(no longer works because HTC gallary removed) have all been removed

    Changes in the wifi version:
    mms.apk removed
    hotspot removed
    sprint installer removed
    phone.apk removed
    handsfree activation still removed
    init.d script that disables CDMA/Wimax Radios at boot

    Changes to the 4G version:
    just added back in hands free activation
    kept mms, hotspot, Sprint installer(all other sprint bloat removed)

    Version 1.4:
    More HTC bloat removed(over 50mb worth)
    Added Terminal Emulator, Root Browser Lite and Titanium Back up
    Update market, flash player, videos and maps
    Added down boot animation

    I'm only releasing one version from now on. a Wifi version. there is a flashable zip in the OP that will enable the 3g/4g stuff

    Issues: When it first boots it prompts you to sign in to your google account right away. Just back out of it and it will start the HTC set up wizard
    When in the HTC setup wizard and you get to the time zone section setup will FC if you try changing it. Dont try changing it, just hit "finish" and then manually change it in settings

    Version 1.5:
    Even more bloat removed. Version 1.3 was 438MB, Version 1.4 was 391MB and now Version 1.5 382 MB
    init.d script clean up
    added init.d script to mount /system as rw at boot
    01-09-2012 04:16 PM
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    01-09-2012 04:18 PM
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    Would someone help a ROM/rooting noob (me) help get this on my Evo 4G?

    I have Honeycomb on it currently. Now, can I just load "recovery" and then somehow get this on it?
    01-09-2012 08:24 PM
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    Can somebody reupload this rom?

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