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    This is petition to let HTC know that us with their tablets want the latest version of android for our devices, even if HTC dosent think we need it, it brings numerous great ne features, such as Face Unlock, Google Chrome, updated camera functionality, speed improvments, and much more!

    The people signing this petition are people who own or atleast support this product and want to see it get the latest updates and features avalible, those who own the device bought it so that they could get the great support from HTC, and would like to have their money be well spent, so, in hopes of succeding, please update our devices to Google Android 4.0.4 (or whatever the latest version is)

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    05-28-2012 02:11 PM
  2. j510's Avatar
    those who own the device bought it so that they could get the great support from HTC

    You're a fool if this is the reason you bought it. I bought mine because it was a good price/tablet. I don't buy things just to HOPE or ASSUME it gets an update. You have to do the research before
    07-11-2012 07:58 PM
  3. bxd20's Avatar
    He never said he bought it under the hope it would get ICS. The request to get ICS onto our Evo View's is very reasonable. The fact is that Honeycomb broke the hardware buttons and cost us all real estate. Certainly, the good that Honeycomb brought outweighed the bad, but it was a sloppy implementation when pointing those variables to hardware buttons would have been INCREDIBLY easy for the developers to do, as they should have. You also have to understand that the View was still being sold new well after ICS rolled out to other devices. It has the power to run it. There are a lot of reasons to roll out one last release for the View, many of which are under 6 months old, and for that release to be ICS with proper hardware button implementation.
    07-16-2012 03:24 PM
  4. jriverabautista's Avatar
    Honestly HTC has his credibility in -0000000%. They prefer that we acquire a new tablet instead than upgrading to ics .I have an EVO4G and an EVO VIEW 4G, both with less than 10 months. Both devices are declared "obsolete" but the two years contract with Sprint are "up to date" It was supposed that the upgrade for the phone were ready between may and June. All we hear from HTC is total SILENCE. I will upgrade my devices but not with HTC. IT IS MORE THAN A YEAR, when apple updates its devices in one week. HTC don't give value or respect towards the current users. For me HTC no longer exists, and as a matter of fact I am a Systems Engineer who has a consulting company and 95% of my customers erased for ever HTC. So RIP.
    08-25-2012 10:18 PM