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    I have a HTC Explorer (pico) running 2.3.5 (sense 3.5) and the status bar doesn't come down when i try to bring it down..it shows time and all and even notifications and, it works but it doesn't come down.so i always press menu key and click on notifications to make it come down and the irritating thing is that sometimes it give's a warning like "status bar has stopped" and i click force close and the whole status bar disappears and i have to reboot the device to get it back..and the weird thing is only the top where the status bar is ,the touch doesn't seem responsive at all ! so i don't clearly know what the problem is ,is the problem occurring to the hardware of the phone or the software ,i believe its something to do with the software..cause it keeps giving that "status bar has stopped"..and i even rooted my HTC and i wanted to install a ROM to see if the status bar works but i didn't install any ROM,i'm still using the stock..so if any has any solution or suggestion of what or where the problem is occurring ,that'd be helpful for me and i donno whether this problem would be solved by install a custom ROM,i just like to hear you're opinion of whether ,i should install a custom ROM or not .thank you.
    07-06-2015 06:25 AM

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