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    Hey folks-
    I have the charger that came with the Flyer at home, and generally plug my baby in once I get there. At the office, I have her on a charger from a Motorola phone.

    However, even when the display shows she is charging I still lose power esp. if I have the screen on for extended periods (checking e-mail, etc.) I have Wi-Fi on all the time.

    Anyone know where I can buy the "fast" charger (like the one that came with it) separately? Is there one of these that is a car model- not that I really want to buy more chargers... :-(
    07-26-2011 09:07 PM
  2. arwen_in_nj's Avatar
    Can someone who understands about amps and stuff comment on this?

    Car and Home 2 in 1 Combo Charger for the HTC Flyer - uses Gomadic TipExchange Technology

    07-26-2011 09:25 PM
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    I think most car chargers won't deliver the current required for a fast charge. Any charger with a standard microUSB plug will only give a slow charge.
    07-28-2011 04:01 AM
  4. arwen_in_nj's Avatar
    Their website specifically states "rapid charger", but I don't know if 1000 mAh is rapid enough. The photo looks like it has some sort of adapter on the plug.
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    08-02-2011 08:56 AM