1. stirling's Avatar
    Help me Flyer peeps. I know I knew how to turn the boot animation on and off at one time, because I turned it on. Now I want to turn it off, and can't find the setting, or the answer anywhere. Anyone remember?
    11-09-2011 12:05 PM
  2. Artisanthe's Avatar
    11-09-2011 12:36 PM
  3. stirling's Avatar
    that's what I would have thought too, only what I get there are three radio buttons allowing some, all, or none. If I select some, I don't get to choose which ones, and there isn't anything on that screen for power on or boot animations
    11-09-2011 01:22 PM
  4. stirling's Avatar
    Settings, Display, Lock Screen, Include weather on lock screen.

    That was driving me NUTS. but I found it, and I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming now.
    11-10-2011 05:27 PM
  5. Mr Bigs's Avatar
    Is their a way to pull down the taskbar on the lockscreen other than Widget Locker ? I like the HTC lockscreen but can't quite replicate it in widgetlocker I only really like it to pull down the taskbar.
    11-11-2011 07:03 AM
  6. dinosauragentkowalski's Avatar
    Use Magiclocker HTC sense 3.0
    04-22-2012 09:55 PM