1. fsa259's Avatar
    The original charger that came with my Flyer died a few months ago so I resorted to charging it with the provided USB cable....but today, that stopped working too. I tried using the car charger (its the high capacity micro USB with the notch) and that didn't work either.

    I've now resorted to using a normal micro USB charger and when it's plugged in fully, nothing happens. But when I pull it out by 2mm, it starts charging.

    Is this normal, or is the USB port on the Flyer on its way out? Is there any quick fix or will I have to open it up and replace the PCB?

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide....I dread the thought of losing my Flyer since it keeps me organised and on top of things!
    08-01-2013 07:41 PM
  2. NicksGarage's Avatar
    I have the View and haven't had any problems with regular usb chargers unless the battery goes does to far or completely dead then I have to use the factory charger. I just got an extra one for work off of eBay.

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    08-01-2013 08:10 PM
  3. fsa259's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply, appreciate it.

    Do you have to fiddle with the regular USB charger, or just plug it in all the way? I've found I need to keep the microUSB withdrawn by a couple of mm otherwise it doesn't detect that it's plugged in. That doesn't seem right which is why I'm getting worried there's something wrong with the port. I'm struggling to find any of the specified 9V chargers on eBay.
    08-01-2013 08:17 PM
  4. NicksGarage's Avatar
    No. I don't have any trouble with that and I use several different cables. I would hate for my View to die even though there are probably better new tablets out there.

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    08-02-2013 01:25 PM
  5. fsa259's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. I guess I'll have to keep the fingers crossed the port doesn't get any worse.
    08-03-2013 05:35 AM
  6. NicksGarage's Avatar
    There seem to be quite a few Views and Flyers for sale on Ebay. And they're not that cheap so I guess they're still popular. I wish HTC would have continued making tablets.
    08-04-2013 11:25 AM
  7. fsa259's Avatar
    I just had a look...you're quite right, they're not cheap as chips. Might have to pick one up with a faulty screen or something to change the PCB.
    08-04-2013 03:28 PM
  8. HalizDad's Avatar
    Mine completely died on Sunday night...I had it for 3 years. That little Flyer was damn near bulletproof...Picked up a 32GB Nexus 7 yesterday..Night and Day. Wow.
    08-06-2013 11:03 AM
  9. fsa259's Avatar
    What happened to it? How did it die?
    08-06-2013 11:17 AM
  10. HalizDad's Avatar
    What happened to it? How did it die?
    Charging port failure

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    08-06-2013 05:11 PM

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