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    I picked up the Flyer yesterday at BestBuy after playing with it for only ten minutes. I have been following android tablets on engadget and gizmodo for months now and decied on the Flyer.

    Build Quality:
    This thing is rock solid. No flex in the body and the device feels as sturdy as my EVO 4G. HTC continues to impress me with the quality of their products, and the aluminum back adds to the sturdy build. The tablet weighs a lot more than it looks, but that isn't a bad thing, adding to the quality feel. I don't mind the white accents on the back, as I would rather have a functional antenna than a solid aluminum backplate. The plastic also makes it easy to hold in landscape . I have used this device for a day now, and have held it in my left hand while operating it with my right. I have not noticed any issues with the weight and the size is perfect.

    HTC kept it simple and it is a great device. As i mentioned above, this thing is solid and feels like a quality device. I can thumb type with ease in portrait mode, and landscape typing is almost like a netbook. The cameras are decent, but seem to be an afterthought. The front facing 1.3 mp camera does the job for video chatting and photo booth. On top of the device is a power button with an integrated notification light. This is a cool design variation, but it is hard to see the light when using the tablet. On the right side of the Flyer is the volume rocker, which feels responsive and does its job. On the bottom bezel lay the capacitive buttons (home, menu, and back) as well as a special button for the magic pen. HTC has designed the Flyer to have two sets of these buttons, so that they are easily accessible in either orientation. The speakers seem to be run of the mill, and slightly tinny. Plugging in headphones seems to alleviate any concerns.

    The Flyer is running HTC's sense overlay on top of Android gingerbread. Many people are upset that this device does not ship with honeycomb, although I think HTC did an excellent job in revamping sense for a bigger screen. Launcher Pro does not compensate for the added screen real estate and makes the tablet look goofy. HTC's email app and calendar app mimic the dual pane view of honeycombs applications, and pull it off quite well. An update for honeycomb is in the works, and I'm guessing it will be out when the HTC view 4G ships on sprint later this month. Until then, I am very satisfied with sense and don't notice he lack of tablet apps. The bundled HTC movie and e book applications seem nice, but I don't want to subscribe to yet another service for movies and books, so I will wait for netflix.

    Magic Pen:
    This little metal pen costs $80 and still seems like a toy, but I am hoping more apps will come out that take advantage of the pen and unleash its potential. The notes application bundled with the Flyer syncs with evernote, a popular note taking app available on android ios and online. It allows drawings and type to exist on a single page and has options to record audio and play back while showing when notes were written. As a college student, I can se the potential of taking notes during a lecture and reviewing them later synced with the audio. The pen is capable of pretty fine writing ,and using the device in landscape mode allows the writing to be even smaller. I will post screenshots soon of the quality of writing and drawing.

    Note: I have wirelessly tethered my EVO to the Flyer in the car for some excellent gps work, and I am going to make a car dock for a portable media center.

    Wrap up:
    As an avid HTC fan, I could jot wait for the Flyer. I am going into product design, and immediately saw the benefits of a tablet that allowed pen input. I hope HTC continues to provide applications that take advantage of this unique accessory and this device can only get better with honeycomb.

    Please feel free to comment if you would like anything tested or screenshots etc.
    05-26-2011 10:37 AM
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    Updated impressions:
    So far, this device is great. I am a little bummed by the lack of apps that use the pen, and will probablyend up returning the pen until it seems worthy of 80 dollars. The keyboard on this device is great, I wrote my review and this update with the flyer in portrait mode. There seems to be a swipe keyboard as well,which im experimenting with as well. Sadly,this does not work with the magic pen, but it makes text input much faster.

    The build quality of this device makes my EVO feel cheap, which is incredible. I love the larger screen and at 7 inches,I think it is the perfect size to hold in one hand and operate with the other.

    I still have eleven days until I have to return the device if I want a refund, but with no other 7" tablets that look promising, I may end up keeping the flyer and waiting for honeycomb. Until then, it seems more like a large phone than a tablet.
    05-26-2011 10:37 AM
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    Would it be possible to tether my Flyer to my HTC Incredible?
    05-26-2011 01:15 PM
  4. Sholland91's Avatar
    If it is rooted, yes. You can install cyanogenmod and it has tethering built it.
    05-26-2011 02:36 PM
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    Question: Is it VoIP capability? I'd like to use Skype, Google Voice/Chat, or QIK with it if I was to buy it.
    05-26-2011 11:10 PM
  6. Teknik-jyden's Avatar
    Skype no.problem
    Chordeater likes this.
    05-26-2011 11:58 PM
  7. Wobblin30's Avatar
    Tethers to a rooted Droid X with no problems.
    05-28-2011 02:01 PM
  8. rasjudah's Avatar
    Ok now I am envious I have a rooted Droid 1 and so far I can not tether . I am running a GPA ROM . Any help would be appreciated....
    05-28-2011 04:18 PM
  9. Wobblin30's Avatar
    Ok now I am envious I have a rooted Droid 1 and so far I can not tether . I am running a GPA ROM . Any help would be appreciated....
    Not sure with Droid 1. I rooted my X with z4root and use wireless tether from the market. Barnacle may work too.
    05-28-2011 06:49 PM

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