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    I have a rooted T-Mobile G1 with the Open Eclair 2.1 ROM on it. (my first and only time flashing a ROM) Every thing was running smoothly until I started to run out of internal memory space... Open Eclair claimed to come with Apps2SD, if there was a way, I couldn't figure it out. So, I decided to install Link2SD. I made the 2nd partition, ran it, and started moving my apps to my card, but every single one said "Operation Denied" ...Then EVERYTHING on my phone was lost! Disappeared! Even the ROM manager! So, I go the Market to re-install it, and it wont because it says I'm out of space. I can't install ANYTHING!
    My question is; Is there a way to download the ROM manager to my SD card and install or a way to boot from the SD card?
    06-09-2011 03:37 AM