1. PalmFanat1c's Avatar
    So yesterday I had my phone fully rooted running CM 7 with a clockmod recovery. My battery died and when i booted back up it went to the HBOOT screen and said S-on and it wouldnt connect to ADB and it wouldnt load the fastboot method and the recovery option just sent it to the HTC Splash screen where it would sit. all i did was find a HERCIMG and flash it via the bootloader then re-labeled the HERCIMG to update.zip so that way when i booted in the stock recovery i would be able to access it so i booted in recovery hit a couple of buttons and the recovery menu popped up and i hit factory reset and then hit reboot and what do you know i brought the phone back from the dead that everyone said was bricked
    12-24-2011 09:40 AM
  2. blacksapphire08's Avatar
    Yeah I bricked my phone once too and managed to save it by using the recovery I made when I first rooted my phone. Of course I had to root it again and install everything, but it works again. The Hero is still a great phone IMO.
    12-24-2011 11:21 AM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    interesting. My phone bricked with the same setup, except I have firerats mod. I can only access hboot and fastboot as well, but ho recovery. there are two HERCIMG files that I tried and both failed to reboot the phone -- although both flashed successfully. I'll try renaming the file to update.zip and see if I get better results.

    I have an Epic Touch on the way to replace my trusty Hero of 2 years, so I'm not to bummed if it won't restart. Thanks for sharing your situation :-)
    12-26-2011 03:51 PM