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    Hey Im normally in the LG OV forums, but I had a friend ask me to root his HTC Hero 200 Sprint CDMA phone and put a 2.3 ROM on it. So I got everything done and working great I had the stable CM7 ROM and the TWR older recovery and factory bootloader I withe S-on. So everything was fine well my buddy showed up I was showing him everything and I told him I just saw a thread with the newest TWR touch recovery and we could put it on there if he wanted so . . . I downloaded the flashable zip to his sdcard and flashed from recovery and said it installed. . . well I powered down from recovery menu and then went to boot back into the recovery home+power and its stuck the the white HTC splash screen. So I pulled the batt and tried the bootloader vol dn+power and nothing. I also have pulled the batt and tried every combo I could make but nothing.I cannot get adb to see the device at all. It will charge through the usb though. So know I am convinced that the phone is bricked, so that upsets my friend so.. my question is if anyone is still on here supporting for this old device that might have something to try? ? If it is confirmed brick does anyone know a way to use JTAG to revive this little Hero?

    Also what reason behind flashing a recovery would make it brick I though that was mainly a worry when trying to flash radio files?
    10-11-2012 11:01 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    did you get the phone to boot? I'm guessing since this thread is over a month old you probably didn't and your're friend moved on to another device...

    If you still have the device you can try to RUU (ROM Utility Update) back to stock and see if that fixes it. Google "Sprint Hero RUU XDA" and see if the file comes up -- I'm sure someone still has it available for download.
    11-23-2012 08:55 PM

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