1. etnpnys's Avatar
    I am currently running the Cyanogen 6 Test 4 ROM and because it's Froyo it saves/installs stuff to the SD card now. Additionally, don't I have the recovery image stuff on there also? (Or is that not needed on the card as soon as I've flashed it?)

    How can I format the card and not lose anything that's important? I'm used to just backing up pix and movies, then formatting - but I fear that I'm really gonna screw some things up if I do that.
    07-11-2010 03:45 PM
  2. slipdisc's Avatar
    Just backup the contents of the sd card to a PC. Then go ahead and flash your rom. It wont do anything to your sdcard. Just the ext partition if you have one, if not no change.

    I installed it yesterday. Do a nandroid backup before flashing
    07-11-2010 04:00 PM
  3. etnpnys's Avatar
    Yeah - I always back up the contents of the SD card prior to fiddling around with a new ROM. But I have installed so much crap over the last two weeks that there has GOT TO BE some odd remnants on my SD card that are just taking up space - so I WANT to format the card actually. I want all that crap outta there - and then I'll move back my pix and videos.
    07-11-2010 11:41 PM