1. anon(697)'s Avatar
    For those interested in rooting your Hero and installing new custom ROMs, MoDaCo has just released version 2.3 of his latest Hero ROM - based on the latest HTC ROM with a load of updates. See this page for details
    21/09 2.3 - the MoDaCo Custom ROM is here! Core / Core Chinese / Enhanced - Android @ MoDaCo
    09-21-2009 03:35 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    This is something I will have to take a look at. Thanks for sharing.
    09-22-2009 10:09 AM
  3. Klockkjr's Avatar
    So what does this rom include. Does it come with google service apps? Does it have data capability? Can it do wifi? Etc...
    03-18-2011 11:57 AM
  4. Klockkjr's Avatar
    Also is this for a cdma hero or just a regular one?
    03-18-2011 12:00 PM