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    Darktremor A2SD version 2.7 Update 3r1 (2010-06-26)

    Look in the credits below to see the Roms that have been tested.

    Here's the program:

    2.7 Update 3r1 - http://www.darktremor.info/files/a2s...3r1-signed.zip

    Requirement: An ext2, ext3, or ext4 partition on your SD Card and a custom Rom that supports Apps2SD or A2SD

    A2SD will not work on stock HTC Rom as stock roms do not have any method of launching A2SD in the boot image (unless they have been modified to work with A2SD). Try one of the many custom roms available if you want to use A2SD.

    What is this?

    A2SD (also known as Apps2SD) is a script that runs when you phone boots. Many of the ROM developers include the script in one form or another. Originally based on Cyanogen's Apps2SD, this script will allow a user to free up more storage space on their phone.

    How does it do it? It uses an ext2, ext3 or ext4 partition (if one exists) to move all your free and purchased apps (not core apps) to the ext2/ext/ext4 partition on your SD card. It also tricks Android into thinking it is storing your programs in the internal storage space by linking the install directories (/data/app and /data/app-private) to similar directories on the sd card.

    To find out all the features you can do with Darktremor A2SD, type /system/bin/a2sd help in the phone's terminal shell (or adb shell).


    Since you are flashing this version to your phone, do a nandroid backup of your phone before starting these instructions. Also, it is preferred you use RA 1.6.2 Recovery or Godspeed Recovery (there may be issues with earlier recovery versions...I am checking this out).

    1. Download the program above.
    2. Determine if you have setup your SD Card with an ext partition

    If you have setup your SD card already (existing users of A2SD...any version):

    a. Copy the program to your SD card. One way of doing that is to use ADB by typing this command:
    adb push a2sd-2.7-update3r1-signed.zip /sdcard/a2sd-2.7-update3r1-signed.zip
    b. Reboot into recovery
    If you have not setup your SD card (for those new to A2SD):
    a. BACKUP YOUR SD CARD TO YOUR COMPUTER. Can't stress this enough, as partitioning will wipe the entire card.
    b. Reboot into recovery
    c. In Android System Recovery, select Partition sdcard
    d. In the Partition sdcard menu, select Partition SD
    e. Follow the instructions on the phone to partition your SD card. You can optionally set a swap file while you are partitioning your SD card.
    f. In the Partition sdcard menu, select SD:ext2 to ext3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    g. Only perform this step if you want ext4 and your ROM supports it: In the partition sdcard menu, select SD:ext3 to ext4. Follow the instructions on the sdcard.
    h. Press the back button on the phone to go back to the main menu.
    i. Put the A2SD file on the SD card (and all your other files you backed up earlier) by selecting USB-MS toggle and transfer the files to your computer.
    3. In recovery, select Flash zip from sdcard.
    4. In Flash zip from sdcard, select the a2sd package file you downloaded earlier. Press HOME to flash.
    5. Reboot phone.

    NOTE: Due to an issue with the Sprint Hero source code, ext4 partitions may only work intermittently. You may not want to use an ext4 partition unless the ROM you are using is certified to have a working ext4 partition. If you have issues with ext4, repartition your SD card for ext3.
    If you apply this program and your market suddenly stops working, perform the following steps:

    1. Remount your internal storage to read-write by typing adb remount
    2. Go into your phone's terminal by typing adb shell
    3. Type /system/bin/a2sd fixmarket. This will relocate the market to /system/app and allows you to choose it in the All Programs screen. You will need to drag it back onto your desktop if you want it there.
    NOTE: If you apply Darktremor A2SD 2.7 and still notice internal storage is decreasing, this is due to the dalvik-cache not being moved. By default, Darktremor A2SD will not move the dalvik-cache on boot.

    If you want to move the dalvik-cache to the sd card, type:

    a2sd cache (to move to SD card - old command will be phased out soon)
    a2sd cachesd (to move to SD card - new command)
    a2sd cachepart (to move to /cache partition)

    Make sure your SD card is at least a Class 4 before doing this, otherwise you may run into performance issues. You should be fine running on the cache partition.

    You still have other caches (i.e. browser caches) and other data being stored and updated in Internal Storage, so the number of free space will continue to drop, but at a slower rate (unless you are engage in heavy web surfing, tweeting or facebook socializing.)

    What does this program do:
    1. Moves applications to the sd card
    2. Moves dalvik-cache to the sd card (a2sd cachesd) or to the cache partition (a2sd cachepart...when the rom supports it). Not active on boot by default.
    3. Activates swap partition if one exists (a2sd swap to activate, a2sd noswap to deactivate)
    4. Allows the user to deactivate a2sd without removing the ext2/ext3 partition (a2sd remove to deactivate, a2sd install to activate)
    5. Allows the user to restore dalvik-cache back to the main memory (a2sd nocache)
    6. Allows the user to deactivate swap (a2sd noswap to deactivate, a2sd swap to activate)
    7. Creates the /system/sd mount if one doesn't exists.
    8. Checks the symlinks and flag files. Reports to the user what needs to be repaired. (a2sd check)
    9. Repair symlinks based on active flag files. (a2sd repair)
    10. Zipaligns all programs in /data/app and /data/app-private. Using the align command, /system/app will also be zipaligned. You can turn on and off ZipAlign (a2sd zipalign / a2sd nozipalign). Not active on boot by default.
    11. Wipes dalvik-cache without the need to go into a recovery partition (a2sd resetcache)
    12. Checks how much space is being used on your ext partition (a2sd diskspace)
    13. Repairs missing or corrupted market in Android 2.1 (a2sd fixmarket)
    14. Uses its own Busybox installation to ensure stability (/system/bin/busybox.a2sd)

    How to tell if it is working:

    1. On your computer in the Android SDK Tools directory, type adb shell
    2. In the adb shell, type /system/bin/a2sd check
    3. Read the report. It will tell you if all is well. If you see anything with [X], type a2sd repair

    If you want to move the apps to the SD card (when the program doesn't do it for you or you have moved the apps to the internal storage in the past):

    1. Enter the ADB Shell by typing adb shell
    2. In the ADB shell, type /system/bin/a2sd install

    To prevent A2SD from running, type /system/bin/a2sd remove

    If you have any issues, you can PM me for assistance, send e-mail to rtkirton at gmail dot com, or look me up on gtalk.

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    Updated to 2.7 update 3r1...implemented a bug fix for a2sd repair.
    06-27-2010 02:13 AM