1. J.Steere's Avatar
    I had the Sprint Hero since launch day, sadly i had to exchange the phone for a new one... Ever since I got the new phone I been trying to load back the 3 person HTC People widget with no luck. Is there something that could be preventing, the only thing from the old phone that transferred over was the number and th SD card... I cant figure out what is preventing this... Any help would be great!
    11-23-2009 01:40 AM
  2. kennyidaho's Avatar
    I assume you are talking about the People widget that is a bar (not the box that takes the whole page) with three people on it?

    Okay open the widgets and got to

    HTC Widgets > People

    At this point you should be seeing the big box one. Now you can either swipe to the left, move the track ball to the left or it the little '>' icon on the bottom right, next to the word select.
    11-23-2009 03:16 AM
  3. J.Steere's Avatar
    I can get that far i har the bar style one on my old hero but on this one i cant get it to appear on my screen when i select the 3 person bar style.....

    Thanks so far for the help!
    11-23-2009 11:52 AM
  4. kennyidaho's Avatar
    Okay so you can see it and select it but then nothing happens? Have you tried starting with a screen that has nothing on it? Have you tried to reboot the phone?
    11-23-2009 02:17 PM
  5. J.Steere's Avatar
    ya i have tried both...
    11-24-2009 12:41 PM
  6. kennyidaho's Avatar
    Though I hate to advise it but the only thing I can think of is a hard reset at this point. I would suggest you keep googling for a bit before you get that drastic though.
    11-25-2009 03:03 AM
  7. J.Steere's Avatar
    By doing a hard reset what am i gonna lose?
    11-25-2009 09:26 AM
  8. kennyidaho's Avatar
    It will whip your phone back to a fresh factory install. Any apps you downloaded from the market should be retrievable again, but people have run into problems with this. If her email, contacts, calendar are synced with google then those should come back when you resync. Any saved scenes and widget customizations will need to be redone. Ringtone settings etc will also be gone.

    I believe that most of the apps keep their data on the storage card so that stuff might be safe, for example if you are using AK Notepad the notes should be kept on the SD card. You'll want to research things like this before you do it
    11-25-2009 06:42 PM