1. BlackD's Avatar
    I have been reseting and deleting a couple time the Hotmail account of the phone as it is not refreshing or downloading my emails. I only get one email (i believe is the oldest email on the account) and is the same every time I delete and reset the account on the phone.

    Has any one had the same problem and got it to work correctly.

    My Gmail account is working correctly without any problems, obviously.
    12-07-2009 07:42 PM
  2. jason2md's Avatar
    same here. ever so often my pop3 Hotmail account on the Hero stops working. It does not download any new emails. I have to uninstall and re-install. It only takes a minute to do and works perfect after, but is annoying.

    Any info would be appreciated.
    12-07-2009 10:29 PM