1. ja2038's Avatar
    Over at Inside Sprint Now, the blogger has two posts saying that Sprint will release the Hero on October 7th, not October 11th. Has anyone heard anything like that

    HTC Hero launches October 7th. User Guide here.

    Also, he has put up the User Guide, and on page 108, under "Mobile Network Sharing", it says:

    Mobile Network Sharing
    Your devices data capabilities enable you to use its high-speed data connection as a modem for your
    laptop computer. You can send and receive email and browse the Internet anywhere on the Nationwide
    Sprint Network.
    1. Make sure your devices data connection is turned on. See Getting Started With Data Services to learn
    how to turn on the devices data connection.
    2. Connect the device to the computer using the provided USB cable.
    3. Press > and tap Settings > Wireless controls.
    4. Select the Mobile network sharing check box.
    Important You need to install HTC Sync (page 52) before you can use mobile network sharing.
    Note When using mobile network sharing, the USB mass storage feature is disabled. Also, you will not be able to use
    HTC Sync.
    I do appreciate how nicely confusing it is to say that HTC Sync is needed, but can't be used. Huh?
    09-27-2009 01:14 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    While I would love to see the Hero come out on the 7th I just don't think it will. There has been no official word from Sprint and no other large blogs have any word of an early release. Would be nice though, just doubtful.
    09-27-2009 09:54 AM
  3. Networx2002's Avatar
    its not it will oct 11
    09-27-2009 10:18 AM
  4. Jeremy's Avatar
    its not it will oct 11
    Yes, October 11th is the official date.
    09-27-2009 10:27 AM
  5. Networx2002's Avatar
    it might be oct 7 online
    10-03-2009 10:18 AM
  6. Jeremy's Avatar
    it might be oct 7 online
    Good point, that would be nice.
    10-03-2009 11:49 AM
  7. ronnienyc's Avatar
    My Best Buy is insisting that they will have it on the 8th of Oct (according to the HTC reps) Time will tell I guess.
    10-03-2009 12:58 PM
  8. jhilker's Avatar
    I saw someone post on sprintusers.com that Reward Zone customers will be able to pick up from Best Buy on the 9th. Haven't been able to confirm with BB, but just wanted to throw that out there.
    10-03-2009 07:12 PM
  9. jhilker's Avatar
    I was able to verify Hero will be available for Reward Zone customers at Best Buy on the 9th - check out this link:

    10-03-2009 11:12 PM
  10. 717200's Avatar
    FWIW, I put a $50 deposit today at Best Buy and I am a reward zone customer, she told me Oct 11th., she didn't say anything about the 8th or 9th, but she did say that I am #4 in the pre orders list.
    10-03-2009 11:54 PM
  11. jhilker's Avatar
    I'm just heading down around lunchtime on Friday - not gonna wait for a call!
    10-04-2009 09:28 AM
  12. anon(697)'s Avatar
    I do appreciate how nicely confusing it is to say that HTC Sync is needed, but can't be used. Huh?
    That is confusing. What it means is that HTC Sync the PC application must be installed to the PC for the drivers to be available, but when you are using the phone tethered you can't use the HTC Sync synchronisation ability on the phone to sync conctacts etc. via USB

    10-04-2009 11:03 AM
  13. strhessed's Avatar
    Confirmed. I went in and talked to my buddy who works there today and Reward Zone members will be able to pick theirs up on Friday, Oct 9th.
    10-06-2009 03:04 PM
  14. balend's Avatar
    Price for this phone without contract will be only $329
    10-07-2009 02:54 AM