1. Scott_LAN's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to delete multiple tags from Shazam instead of deleting them individually? I have yet to be able to find a way to do so. I tried signing up on the Shazam website thinking that may be the solution I am looking for, but that has not worked, either. I am currently waiting for Shazam to contact me back regarding the phone # format needed for registering with them.

    Are the Shazam tags stored somewhere on the SD card or in the internal phone storage? Every time I connect my phone to the computer I cannot locate a Shazam folder.

    I am running out of room on my phone and have deleted all of the unecessary applications/files and my last thought is to remove some tags from Shazam; I have over 200 tags, most of which are duplicate tags. On a side note I think Shazam should have a provision to prevent duplicate tags from being stored.

    Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me. And if you live in the USA, be safe in the cold/winter weather most of us are experiencing today
    02-02-2011 10:36 AM