1. dbtrizzle's Avatar
    i called yesterday and asked if yhey would hold one for me on sunday, he took down my name and number, then called me today and said they were sellign them early because the shipment came in. Went down and picked up my new hero, no problems, GREAT phone. Call your local sprint store and ask...
    10-09-2009 03:42 PM
  2. Anubis's Avatar
    Thats kind of how i got mine. I stopped by a sprint store last night (Thur 10/8) to see if i could reserve one and they were selling them and said they were allowed to start selling them after 7pm last night. Today on my way home from work i stopped by a different sprint store to get a car charger and when they asked for which phone and i told them the hero they kind of freaked out.

    The manager wanted to to know which store sold it to me early and said that store made a mistake and was not allowed to sell them before sunday etc...

    So one sprint store said they were allowed to sell them thursday night after 7pm and the other store said they weren't suppose to sell them till sunday lol. Who knows which one is right, doesn't matter to me since i got mine early lol. So yeah it can't hurt to call or swing by your local sprint store and see if they are selling them.
    10-09-2009 04:02 PM
  3. Vertig0's Avatar
    That can tell you which managers check their emails and which managers don't... All corp stores were allowed to sell the phone if they had it in stock...
    10-09-2009 09:14 PM