10-29-2011 12:44 AM
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  1. mrcminnesota's Avatar
    Pushing the area above the track ball does unlock the phone. Just tried it. Not sure if that is causing the pocket calls but you definitely don't have to push directly on the menu to unlock.
    06-20-2010 07:58 PM
  2. bsmith1051's Avatar
    Pushing the area above the track ball does unlock the phone. Just tried it. Not sure if that is causing the pocket calls but you definitely don't have to push directly on the menu to unlock.
    I suspect it's misleading the screen into thinking you just did the expected down-swipe (all the way to the bottom of the screen under the metal trim?)
    06-21-2010 08:08 PM
  3. XxdejavuxX's Avatar
    1- If the phone is ringing and you press the volume button once on the side it stops ringing.
    2 - There is a function under the phone/call settings that allows the phone to stop ringing when you pick it up.
    3 - you can watch the world cup for free through sprint TV.(if you have a data plan.)
    06-22-2010 03:00 PM
  4. XxdejavuxX's Avatar
    becareful when linking facebook accounts with contacts. If there is a couple that has one account in facebook for both of them and you link both of your phone's contact ( her and him) with that account when you send them a text because the FB account might have both cell phone numbers there you might be sending the text to the wrong person. it happened to me.
    06-22-2010 03:15 PM
  5. indyalex's Avatar
    I have'nt seen it here but I've learned that the car charger for my Garmin gps also works for my Hero. Even though the connectors are dif,it still will fit and does work,my gps is the nuvi 205.
    I found this when looking for a charger for my Hero when all I found was a generic,the package stated it would fit like 3 dif.brands of ph.so when I looked at the connector end it was dif.than my home charger so I said to the sales guy the connector is dif.than for my Hero,he said yes thats true but it does actually fit.Then I realized it was the same as my gps so I gently tried it and it went in and worked.Now granted I know it you're supposed to make sure they are the same wattage ect. but I did'nt ,that said it does work for me and i drove on a 1000 mi.trip with no prob.,so be you're own judge about doing it.
    07-23-2010 09:10 PM
  6. davethesane#AC's Avatar
    Holding the search button (magnifying glass) will allow you to do more than just a google search. You can do voice commands from here. (Such as, dial beezy, or drive to burgerking). And it works alot better than the actual voice command function you get by holding the call button.
    I just tried the long press on the search key and the only thing it allowed me to do was a search of Google. Could you please clarify how you can voice dial from this particular feature? I tried the tip of pressing the green key and voice dialing that way, but it was sketchy at best as to whether or not it would work.
    09-13-2010 04:35 PM
  7. megsteryng's Avatar
    There's an app called Advanced Task Killer. When I got my phone, the guy showed my how to get it right away. It's a little android man that stays on the top notification bar and you when you swipe the menu down you'll have an option to kill all apps that are selected. This works great for saving a little battery life as I have noticed that some applications will open by themselves.
    10-07-2010 08:44 AM
  8. dd_terry's Avatar
    My girlfriend discovered this one.

    When you need to move an icon from one of your home screens to another, but find it difficult to push the icon past the current screen's edge, do this instead.

    Press and hold the icon you want to move. After your hand held buzzes (indicating that you have selected the icon to move or 'Remove')

    Then slide the screen itself, not the icon, until you get to the screen you want then put the icon in it's new location.

    This only works if you are moving the icon from a screen that has lots of icons.

    HTC Hero -> (HTC Evo Shift 4G?)
    12-20-2010 02:25 PM
  9. bigdoggator's Avatar
    can i root my htc hero
    01-21-2011 01:59 PM
  10. itbi's Avatar
    Good info. Keep up the great work
    06-21-2011 05:43 PM
  11. smacki's Avatar
    I have had my Hero for almost 2 years and for the first time while I was texting tonight a little rectangular box came floating across from the top right side and ended on the top left over my previous messages. In the box there was a green phone to make a call, the contact symbol, and another symbol. I was already starting to hit send when it came on my screen, and once "send" was hit the box went away, and I can't figure out how I got that to happen. I have googled it and pressed every button on my phone, and can't duplicate it. I was typing the word "more" with the compact qwerty keyboard when it happened. Didn't know if anyone else has seen this before. I am so tired of this phone and about to upgrade, so its not a huge issue, Im just currious!!
    10-29-2011 12:44 AM
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