1. mabmarc#WP's Avatar
    The Hero has 7 screens on the main home screen then it has 5 or 6 other home screens that can be used. So if I have footprints on my Social home screen and am currently using my HTC home screen. Is footprints running on the other screen and eating up CPU?

    I ask this because after a reboot footprints is always running. I do not have it on my main home screen. Is there some other reason it would start itself on every reboot?
    10-14-2009 09:22 AM
  2. anon(697)'s Avatar
    Footprints starts whether or not you have it on any of your screens. I removed it (root access required).

    10-14-2009 10:58 AM
  3. Wiseguy158's Avatar
    Really? Footprints never starts up on mine. I don't have it on any of my scene screens, but it is still in my phone as a program.
    10-15-2009 02:42 AM