1. aerajan's Avatar
    I've noticed that when I receive a call my trackball starts blinking and the keys around it light up. According the the user guide this is supposed to happen when receiving phone calls or notifications. However, I don't see this happening when I receive any other notifications only when the phone rings. Has anyone else noticed this?
    10-16-2009 08:57 PM
  2. FireBoy6275@gmail.com's Avatar
    I have noticed this too, would love to see this work if possible!
    10-24-2009 10:38 PM
  3. inline325i#AC's Avatar
    I can't seem to get the LED notification via trackball to work??? I have went to settings and checked LED the notifications I want but still no LED notification.....am i doing something wrong???
    10-25-2009 06:57 AM
  4. aerajan's Avatar
    Does it blink when you receive a phone call? It's not the easiest thing to notice because most people probably don't sit and watch their phone ring. I haven't noticed it for any other notifications, texts, email, voicemails etc. just when I get a phone call. Actually, the only reason I even knew about it was because it says something about it in the beginning of the owners manual so I called me phone and watched in ring to see if it worked. Try calling it to and see what happens. As far as I know there aren't any specific settings for this but I could be wrong.
    10-25-2009 01:16 PM