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    Greetings, I have an issue and will try to explain as best as possible. There are many times in which I use the stock HTC browser over wi-fi as many times I am not in an area in which I have mobile coverage. I work on a college campus and in order to log into our wireless network, you have to join the wi-fi hotspot. Generally when you open your browser on a computer you are redirected to a cisco splash page in which you have to enter your credentials after accepting the security certificate.

    Before I switched to an HTC Hero on the Sprint network 6 days ago, I had a Palm Pre. At work, my pre was able to see the cisco splash page, and I was able to log in with my credentials with no problems and accept the security certificate.

    The opposite happens with my hero. I connect to the wi-fi access point, then I open my browser hoping to get the Cisco security page so I can enter my credentials, but I always get an error asking me to connect to a wireless network...but according to my wi-fi settings...I am connected.

    Is there a better browser that anyone can reccommend that will allow me to see the security splash page and enter my credentials. I also saw a security setting under the wi-fi settings. I tried to add a security certificate but I recieved a blank page.

    Please help.


    02-24-2010 09:12 PM
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    i would get either Dolphin or min opera
    02-24-2010 09:14 PM