1. scottf0624's Avatar
    I had my phone in my back pocket, while riding on a golf cart with my 9 year old daughter driving. It's was an extremely bumpy ride, and half way through our 2 hour ride, I decided to pull my phone out of my back pocket and take a picture of her driving, that's when I noticed, it had done a hard reset, and the phone was wiped out, I'm just glad that my work has an exchange server to have a back up of all of my data, or I'd been one pissed off user.

    The screen was locked, and I want to know how/why did this happen, to prevent it from doing it again. I have no clue how to do a hard reset on the phone, and I doubt my butt could have pushed all of the right buttons in the right sequence to do it. I'm not that smart, but I have been told I am a smart @ss, maybe that's it.

    Sprint Verison of the Hero, with the Google Logo on the back, if that matters.
    11-01-2009 12:41 AM
  2. t0ast3d's Avatar
    That's weird. Maybe keep it in tour front pocket lol
    08-01-2010 04:19 AM
  3. guytavor's Avatar
    Can't figure out why.

    In addition, many of my apps now "force close" when I try to run them.
    did you get that too?
    01-07-2011 11:02 PM