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    This will not be a long review in the interest of how late it is for me but I wanted to put this out there for other people that may be considering a Jetstream.

    First of all, I was a very early adopter of the xoom and I suffered through a lot of it not being what I had hoped it would be. Over time Google did update the OS and more tablet apps were released to the point that I became very happy with the Xoom but I never felt like I could put it up against an Ipad or any other tablet and have the xoom be simply the hands down better choice. That said, I love my Xoom and it is a very useful tablet for me.

    What I like about the Xoom.
    I like how quick it is to load, how customizeable it is with widgets and especially how sturdy the xoom is based on it being built with quality parts. I use the motorolla keyboard and the motorolla xoom case, I love how the case lets me pop the xoom up. The xoom is a great device for my work because it contains the ability to encrypt the tablet and has tools that can integrate with our IT so that at any point in time the xoom can be securely wiped from an embedded into the OS perspective which protects against someone who is a little savy just being able to uninstall the security app. I LOVE doing emails on my xoom, especially on the plane, it's smaller than my laptop and more battery efficient. I watch movies all the time on my xoom as I fly from place to place and I get good battery life for with a solid 8 hours of battery life while movie watching. Overall after the 3.1 release I have been very happy with my xoom.

    What makes the Jetstream better than the Xoom.
    The Jetstream can do everything my xoom can do except that it is much more elegant doing it. The screen is a lot more crisp and sharp than the Xoom (not really a surprise because it's a higher resolution). In addition to a sharper screen I do notice that apps seem to run a bit faster. My evernote, docstogo, and pdf viewers all move faster and load faster; especially the pdf's, the page turning animations for one pdf program that I used was about a 5 second turn on the Xoom, with the Jetstream it has become a sub second page turn. Finally the SenseUI that HTC has layered on top of the android OS makes all the difference. I am not the most eloquent person at describing functionalities and so I can only strongly urge you to walk into an AT&T store and look at the SenseUI to see what it is that makes it that much more elegant from the way the widgets are layed out to the flow of the operating system as you move around applications. The best that I can do to explain it is that the HTC's sense gives the Jetstream a snappier feel and elegance that isn't native to the android OS. For example on my Xoom, the calendar is a basic calendar view that I find to be very functional, the Jetstream calendar powered by Sense presents the data in an easier to view fashion with blocked data on the left of the screen and the details on the right side. Additionally, I see my location information and as I drill into each event the daily view is pushed to the left while the specifics of the event are all shown on the right in a single view with large readable print. The icing on the cake is the stylus capability that lets me add notes to my calendar entries for my meetings.

    This leads me to why I bought the Jetstream. I do a lot of Whiteboard sessions and designs with my customers. I don't always have a whiteboard in the room and never had a tablet that would let me draw virtually on the flatpanel TV's that everyone seems to be popping into their conference rooms these days. With the HTC Jetstream I can easily do my whiteboard drawings on the tablet and there's enough screen real-estate to let me do them fully while popping them up on the flat panels. Today I did a webex off my tablet as a virtual whiteboard and it was just awesome at how easily it was done and how smooth it went. I love taking a screenshot and marking notes on it....my kids are going to love drawing on it.

    At the end of the day if I had to put this sucker up against an IPAD, I feel that the flow of the sense ui with the elegant look and feel of how it moves, in addition to the battery life and widget customization will hands down beat the flow and elegane of an IPAD. The kicker is going to be showing people the camera's high resolution capability along with what the stylus brings to the table and then rubbing in their face that not only was Jobs wrong about the need for a stylus but that they still can't use flash.

    What I learned and what you should know:
    1. The Jetstream splits its memory. 16GB is reserved for application installs and 16GB is reserved as a disk drive. Currently there is no way to reallocate that space that I know of. This is a bit of a minor annoyance for me but I doubt that I'll run out of storage anytime soon and if I do I'll just get an SD card.

    2. The charger that comes with the Jetstream seems to be an HTC proprietary charger based on the look of it but it really is a microSD port and I had no problems using my regular MicroSD cables to mount to my PC as well as to charge the tablet. I like this charging port better by a lot than the Xoom charger.

    3. If your Jetstream starts up like mine, there's a possibility that the OS starts in safe mode. I never knew android had a safe mode until I bought this and I found that simply powering down and rebooting the phone holding the up vol and power button at the same time put it back into a regular mode.
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    09-14-2011 02:57 AM
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    I've had some big questions about the jetstream and how to connect with other devices. How do you connect to tv? Is the port on the bottom a video output port?
    09-19-2011 12:47 PM
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    Sorry for the late reply Kurio, I didn't see a notification for this post. I haven't tried to connect to a TV or other monitor yet. There is an adapter that you can buy that will let you do HDMI out to a TV. I haven't bought it yet because I just have no need.

    It does come with a USB adapter that you can use to hook into your PC for HTC sync to copy over all of your contacts and anything else. The adapter looks like a proprietary adapter to HTC but I've used the regular micro adapter from my HTC EVO and had it sync without issue. The cool thing is that it actually charged out my USB 3 port. That was one thing my Xoom couldn't do so I was very happy with this little discovery.
    11-18-2011 11:01 AM
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    I think I know the answer, but can you access the internet on the Jetstream without a sim card and just solely WiFi?

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    09-30-2013 12:17 PM