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    I recently updated my phone (had it for about a year) to Android 2.3.4, and afterward I checked my email using the standard email app. I had all accounts set 'NOT to delete from server' when deleting from phone.

    As I accessed the email app, the email header listed 23 emails, but the reading pane showed 'no mail.' After a moment, the header refreshed and showed 0 messages. I assumed that the upgrade had hosed my email settings, and I would just need to set them up again - a small hassle. So imagine my surprise when I logged into webmail to find ALL THREE of my email inboxes completely empty! Three mailboxes, three different providers, none of which had been logged in at the time.

    And no, please don't give me any BS about this setting or that setting or user error - not the case, and HTC as much as admitted to this when I reported the issue. Here is the response I received:

    "I am sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with the phone. I know how it would be to loose all of the emails in my inbox, as I often have important emails. I really wish that there was something that we could do to recover your lost email. I am sorry that in your case the "do not delete from server" checkbox appears to have malfunctioned.
    If you plan on continuing to use your MyTouch 4G, you could try the K9 mail application from the Google play store, as it also has that option, but the application works differently than our HTC mail application and so you may not run into that problem again."

    I'm going to call that an admission of guilt, how about you? And actually, a few weeks ago, I noticed that all the emails in one of my inboxes had gone missing, but I actually thought it was my email hosting company's fault - sorry GoDaddy, guess it wasn't you after all!

    Prior to purchasing an Android phone, I had kept up with my email for years using my iPod Touch - never a problem. Guess this will be my first and last Android purchase. Sad.

    Just wanted to share my experience so anyone else who has this happen will know that no, it isn't you, it's the phone!
    04-14-2012 08:28 PM