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    I'm new to ActiveSync because my company just began allowing personal smartphone sync last week. Wasn't allowed previously for "security" reasons...and of course now that I am able to sync, they have implemented additional security restrictions on my phone. I'm posting this in the MT4G forums because I may have additional questions regarding this that are MT4G specific.

    First off -- I can no longer use pattern unlock... only password and PIN lock can be used. That's OK... but when the phone locks now, I only have 10 attempts before device data is erased! Sure..that's plenty of attempts, but I'd prefer the comfort of gmail account login info as a backup...oh well. My question is -- does this clear all device data as it states if login attempts are exceeded - or just exchange data on my phone? I can see myself forgetting my PIN in the future because my company requires I change the PIN every 90 days...and I may screw it up a few times with the dozens of other PINs/passwords we all have to remember these days.

    Secondly - my employer is now listed as a device administrator, and if my phone is missing or if they decide data has been compromised....they can wipe the phone. When I looked at info regarding ActiveSync wipes online, it seemed as if only exchange data is erased...however I am told that this is not true, and that the entire device can be wiped by my employer now.. so my question is - which is it?

    Finally -- if I root....would I still be able to use ActiveSync?

    Thanks for any clarification!
    02-12-2011 09:27 PM