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    In the above photo - I accidentally deleted my Google search shortcut. I've spent over 30 minutes trying to remember where I added this shortcut from, and have failed. It's not in the app drawer....it's not in shortcuts...and it's not a widget - I kinda remember getting it some weird way...but cannot remember how. I would like it back, rather than the search widget - because the widget is stupid..... the widget just acts as a shortcut anyway.

    Anyone know where I got this shortcut from originally?
    03-13-2011 08:38 PM
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    Well... I uninstalled recent updates for the Google Search app, then the app appeared when I tried looking under "shortcuts" again. After doing this, I reinstalled the update...and the Google Search app was still under shortcuts. After I rebooted the phone however, the Google Search app was no longer under shortcuts...but my home screen shortcut still properly opens up the Google Search app - so I guess as long as I don't delete it I won't have any problems.

    I think I just thought it was strange before how you can't add this shortcut via the app drawer...but could via long-tap > shortcuts.... It's also strange the recent update removed this option entirely - because I prefer this over the widget since it takes up 1/3 the space.
    03-13-2011 11:29 PM