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    So I'm new to the rooting and ROM game. Its fun and I enjoy doing it. When I got my HTC One from Google, I immediately rooted it and flashed a new recovery. My next step in the learning process is learning how to unroot and go back to stock. For example if I need to send it in for RMA. What does this process entail and how do I do it???

    Relocking the bootloader I can do, I think, its the "unflashing" recovery and reverting to stock that I'm in need of assistance on.

    07-12-2013 11:15 PM
  2. Raptor007's Avatar
    I have to ask, if you have the GPe are you planning on running custom Sense based ROM's? Otherwise I wouldn't see a reason to flash a new ROM, plus if you have a custom recovery installed you won't be able to get OTA updates unless you restore back to stock which as of right now HTC doesn't have an RUU available, but the good folks at XDA-Developers do here Google Edition Stock Recovery, Bootloader, RUU Zip and Conversion Process - xda-developers since they worked with someone to pull the files and helped to create a RUU.zip file to be pushed via adb.

    Also a quick search will yield answers to your other questions. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+...hrome&ie=UTF-8
    07-20-2013 10:34 PM

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