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    When I try to share my own contact info on my new HTC One Google Edition, I am not given an option to share it as an MMS. Specifically, when I touch and hold my finger on my own contact info (first entry in my contact list), the area turns "blue", but no sharing option screen opens until I release my finger. When I release my finger, my contact info opens in a new screen. Then, when I touch the menu button (3 little whitish boxes) just under the time, located at the upper right, top of the screen, a menu opens with the following: "Edit, Share, Delete, Set ringtone, and All calls to Voicemail". When I touch "Share", I am asked how I want to share the contact: via "Add to Dropbox", "Bluetooth", "Gmail", "Viber", or "WhatsApp" (I installed Dropbox, Viber and WhatsApp on my phone). I am NOT given the option to share my contact info via an MMS as it is NOT present in this list. I am able to send the contact info as an attachment via Gmail (apparently as a .vcf), though. Am I missing something here?
    07-13-2013 06:34 PM

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