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    Vote HTC One as the next Official MIUI V5 device!

    Official MIUI V5 port device vote is open!
    Guys as we know MIUI builds cool rom with great look and feel.
    Voting for the next device to get official MIUI V5 port has begun.
    Please vote our beloved 'HTC One' before that Plastic 4 thing gets ahead.

    Below are the links;
    Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 VS HTC One, which will get MIUI V5 first? Vote here!! - News - MIUI Official English Site - Redefining Android

    {Login => Click on the radio button besides HTC One => Submit}

    MIUI (thnx @amitmiz) !!This voting site needs more support from You!!

    {Steps to vote:
    1. Login to the site
    2. Click on the HTC One image
    3. Enter the security code
    4. Press OK.}

    Statistics page for the second voting link => MIUI
    08-21-2013 08:29 AM

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