1. Mikhailov's Avatar
    This thread is just for opinion. I'm thinking of selling my HTC One GPE towards a Nexus 5. The only reasons for sidegrading would be the virtual home and back buttons and wireless charging. However, I would lose beats audio (not impressed with it anyway) and the aluminum design in favor of plastic. Otherwise I feel I'll have the same phone, as KitKat should be out for the One GPE shortly after the Nexus 5 release. What do you think will be better: the One GPE or the Nexus 5?
    10-20-2013 08:43 AM
  2. svencux's Avatar
    The Nexus 5 is for sure an interesting phone. I will probably go and get it, if the camera is any good.
    But i will keep my one as well. I always need two phones one for work (with camera sealed of) and one for private live.
    I had the iPhone 5S for a little over a week and just sent it back. It had too many issues (yellow display, home button with loud knack noise,
    finger print sensor not really working..camera was great so).

    Well i will wait for the first test reports of the Nexus 5.
    10-20-2013 11:14 AM
  3. Mikhailov's Avatar
    I think I'm waiting for the reviews to come out too. I'm also thinking price wise if I sell the One and my iPad mini I can afford a Nexus 5 and an iPad mini 2 (or a new nexus 7).

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    10-20-2013 12:54 PM
  4. Mikhailov's Avatar
    Any other thoughts on this?

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    10-23-2013 04:20 PM
  5. mdandashly's Avatar
    I'm buying the Nexus 5 on launch. I like the HTC, but I'm sick.
    10-23-2013 04:26 PM
  6. dgwphotography's Avatar
    I've had both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4, and the HTC One completely blows both phones away. I've never had a more solid phone that feels so good in the hand.

    I'll watch the reviews, but I've never been this blas over a Nexus launch, because I'm so happy with this phone..

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    10-26-2013 06:25 PM
  7. adriandb's Avatar
    I was thinking about this too, but the 64gb storage and front facing speakers on my One outweigh the qualities of the Nexus.
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    10-26-2013 09:41 PM
  8. DS1331's Avatar
    It doesn't matter what phone you have. The nexus 5 is $350. Its a win win situation, I'm buying it just because its a great phone for dirt cheap

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    10-26-2013 09:55 PM
  9. scaots's Avatar
    I will almost definitely get a Nexus 5, but TBD if I keep both or get rid of one. I think I get everything I need from the HTC One GPe and don't feel that I would be missing out without a Nexus. It will most likely come down to camera quality. I like the quality of image that you can get from the One GPe, but auto focus is so jumpy that 25-50% of my shots are out of focus and sometimes a few more megapixels would be helpful. If Nexus 5 can deliver a better camera I will probably ditch the One, but I don't expect that to be the case.

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    10-28-2013 09:21 AM
  10. Almeuit's Avatar
    Nexus 5 in my opinion.

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    10-30-2013 12:51 PM
  11. Kryptonal's Avatar
    I'm getting the Nexus 5 but only because I have a friend who wants to buy my HTC One.

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    10-31-2013 10:19 PM
  12. JRDroid's Avatar
    I'm torn on this same isue. I like the bigger screen of the N5 but love my One's front facing speakers.
    11-01-2013 06:51 PM
  13. Mikhailov's Avatar
    I'm torn on this same isue. I like the bigger screen of the N5 but love my One's front facing speakers.
    The only issue I have with the 5" screen is the virtual buttons essentially make it a 4.7" screen.
    11-03-2013 07:42 AM
  14. JW4VZW's Avatar
    I have the HTC One on Verizon Wireless. I love it. If I was on either AT&T or T-Mobile, I would probably consider the Nexus 5. That being said, I would probably go with the HTC One Google Play Edition because I believe that there will be more aftermarket accessories available. That and the HTC One's build quality is, again in my opinion, excellent.
    11-08-2013 03:17 PM
  15. adriandb's Avatar
    Front facing speakers and 64gb of storage will keep the One in my pocket.
    11-09-2013 06:41 AM
  16. svencux's Avatar
    well i have both right now. I mainly bought the Nexus 5 because i wanted a better camera..well big mistake, the nexus camera pictures are good
    but shooting videos is a big mess. They stutter a lot and sound is bad.
    Build Quality but having the HTC one next to it the one is a lot better.
    The other issue i do have is the sound, mono spacer and volume not near as high as on the one making it hard to hear if you navigate in the car.

    I will keep my HTC one and will play with the Nexus a bit more and see if an update will be provided by google soon.
    11-12-2013 01:16 PM
  17. Jayv9's Avatar
    I have the HTC One unlocked that I converted to GPE w/o OTA Updates. I always wanted a pure Nexus device so I bought the Nexus 5. Currently using it I love the emoji keyboard, the home button, the disappearing status and home bars. Camera is good, and let's not forget its a NEXUS. I hate the battery life the drain is very bad already at 60% after 5 hrs of minimal usage. I am sending it back and will convert my HTC one to full GPE with OTA Updates.
    11-15-2013 01:02 PM
  18. Mikhailov's Avatar
    I decided to try the Nexus 5. Ordered it yesterday and it's already marked as shipped! My only concern is battery. The One has the same battery as the Nexus but from what I've read, the Nexus drains faster? I wonder why.

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    11-16-2013 08:24 AM
  19. adriandb's Avatar
    I decided to try the Nexus 5. Ordered it yesterday and it's already marked as shipped! My only concern is battery. The One has the same battery as the Nexus but from what I've read, the Nexus drains faster? I wonder why.

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    Larger screen?
    11-16-2013 03:19 PM
  20. Mikhailov's Avatar
    Larger screen?
    Maybe. Larger screen, always listening for "Ok Google?" I tried the Nexus 5 launcher on the one and it was a battery sucker. Went back to stock launcher. Maybe because that launcher is meant for the Snapdragon 800 instead of the 600?

    Gonna try the Nexus for a week before deciding to stick with the One or not. I'm pretty pleased with the battery life on the One but it's being quirky with the proximity sensor and I'm having minor technical glitches after only 3 months(the biggest one being that transferring files to it from a computer is impossible...keep getting "unresponsive" errors). A friend who works for a cell phone store said the One is losing popularity because there are too many issues with it.

    Anyone else go from One to Nexus?

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    11-17-2013 08:52 AM
  21. bmolloy's Avatar
    I have the HTC One GE and now the Nexus 5. They are both great phones with their own pluses and minuses.

    Here are the things I think are draws:

    • Both are very good looking phones, the Metal of the One is incredible, but the Stealth look of the N5 is also really nice.
    • They both are fast enough that there is just no lag with anything you do.
    • They both feel great in the hand, there is a little bit of weight difference, but it is so small that I don't even notice it.
    • The screens on both are really incredible, the colors seem a little more muted on the N5, but it still looks great.
    • Battery seems to be pretty much the same for me. Big screen phones that get used a lot just don't last more than one day without a huge battery.
    • Camera: The verdict is still out, I never thought the HTC One GE camera was all that great and so far with limited use the N5 just seems OK too. I will echo the slow focus that everyone has been seeing with the N5.

    Now for what is better on each phone:

    HTC One
    • The speakers on the One are hands down the winner. The N5 speaker is one step above terrible.
    • The IR port on the One is really great and I didn't realize how much I was actually using a remote app I downloaded until it was gone.
    • The lack of cases for the N5 is also a bit of a bummer, I know it is early but so far not a lot of adoption by the big case companies.

    Nexus 5
    • The N5 wins in the on screen buttons department. Not seeing the 3-dot black bar on the bottom of apps is refreshing
    • The N5 has better outside screen visibility than the One. They both have great screens, as I mentioned, but the N5 has better visibility outside in sunlight.
    • Wireless Charging is GREAT. I never did it with My N4, but now that the qi chargers have come down in price I bought 2. This really seems to keep me from every thinking about the battery because it is always full. One at home and one at work and it will be really hard to end up with a dead battery.
    • Notification light on the N5 is much better. The tiny in speaker LED notification light of the One is a good solution for that phone but I like the big multi-colored N5 notification light.
    • Android 4.4, I know it is coming soon to the HTC One, but I am really enjoying the differences.

    I could be completely happy with either phone, but I will say that I am REALLY happy having both phones. One of the best things about having unlocked phones is you can move your sim and change it up for the day. I imagine once the new wears off on the Nexus and the One gets 4.4 I will switch it up often between the two phones selecting whichever one fits what I need to do for the day.
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    11-17-2013 09:01 AM
  22. Mikhailov's Avatar
    Wow. Thanks for the info. Very detailed. It's giving me a lot to think about as I try the N5.

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    11-18-2013 06:58 PM
  23. Paul Rezendes's Avatar
    Id like to see some head to head tests now that the we have 4.4 on the Google Edition One and the N7. So far I am loving my GPE One as much as ever. I dont see any reason to give it up yet. Its a much better built phone and is running fantastic on 4.4 as expected. I have all the features of the N7 and a nicer looking phone in my opinion.
    11-26-2013 06:00 AM

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