1. andyp714's Avatar
    So I went over to htc's website to try and preorder the one. Since i read everywhere that the phone was retailing at 550 and 4450 with the trade-in i figured it was a deal i couldnt pass up. Upon arriving on the website i tried getting the sprint version and it showed it retailed at 650. Anybody know if the price went up?or am i suppose to buy the unlocked version?Just want to make sure i make the right purchase and is able to be connected to sprint. Hopefully somebody can help me with this =).Thanks!
    04-05-2013 08:59 PM
  2. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    Is the price the same on sprints website? It seems most are only ordering from HTC site to get unlocked, developer or tmobile version. Everyone else seems to be ordering from att and sprint site.

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    04-05-2013 09:02 PM
  3. andyp714's Avatar
    Well i actually did try and ordering from sprints website but since I am trying to get it without a contract and sprint currently isn't allowing customers to purchase the phone retail price.
    04-05-2013 09:05 PM

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