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    At first, I wasn't crazy about blinkfeed and I did toy with not having it as my default home screen, but I think I've come around (it is back to being my home screen).
    What I've learned to make it my own and more usable:
    1. Edit the content topics and services - stripped out the content I didn't want.
    2. Learned to use the home key to quick navigate to the top of the content.
    3. Learned to use the content switcher to get out of highlights and get to the content I want when I want it.

    1. Great way to quickly navigate topics of interest with a nice visual flair.
    2. Quick to navigate with one hand.
    3. Automatic refresh via wifi option
    4. Clock/weather widget

    Not so much love:
    1. Content is not rich enough - often when reading stories within the blinkfeed viewer, I'll see reference to embedded images and video links that aren't there - I have to navigate to the original content link to find this content.
    2. More content providers - Some of my favorite feeds (The Verge, Joystiq, Engadget) are great to peruse when viewing in isolation out of highlights (I don't have to visit these sites in browser with the content here). Would love to see IGN and some others (or support for generic sites).
    3. Might be nice to specify some channels to auto-download more content over wifi by default (for more frequently used channels).
    4. When picture content is sparse on Twitter feed, the formatting still arranges items with some boxes that go all the way across the screen and some that have two boxes wide. These 2-wide boxes make it a little more cumbersome to read. If in twitter, it should only do the 2 box wide formatting when photos are in use. Otherwise, it would be more readable if all boxes were the single wide box.

    What are your thoughts?
    05-09-2013 10:49 PM

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