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    Dear forum users,

    Iam planning to go and pick one up if I can find one in stock tomorrow. Can I ask you a question, Im still swaying back and form between HTC one and S4. What I want to know is I have heard that it takes some people form 40%-100% takes 6 hours to charge.

    Also plan to use google now and Waze navigation here as I travel a lot, I will buy in car charger, however i hear reports that battery still depleted while using navigation while using in car charger? Is this true? Did anyone tried?
    05-24-2013 02:06 AM
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    While I haven't used my in car charger, I can tell you this. It really is because I haven't had to...
    Also, I just came back from a trip to NYC. I hadn't been there in over 30yrs. When I was considering what phone to buy, this was a huge concern for me because I love traveling and wanted a phone that could keep up with me.
    Getting to the results. I got 13 hrs of constant use taking pictures, using the navigation (google), searching the Web for info, listening to music, posting on FB and checking replies, and still had about 15% left when I got to where I could charge it.
    Yeah! That was awesome! This phone more than held up to my needs!
    I'm not trying to say that it fits your needs however just sharing my experience in hopes it might assist you in your decision. From what I've seen, the S4 has equal battery life though there is an advantage of instantly replacing a dead one with a full one, that's not an advantage holding the HTC One back!
    I love this phone!!!

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    05-24-2013 11:22 AM