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    I've seen a lot of conversation in here about updates. I've been posting a lot in the threads about updates as well, but I don't think I've ever fully voiced what I really am thinking about all of this. This post is meant to be my opinions and observations where I can just say it and hopefully not discuss it any further.
    The HTC One is the first Android smartphone (or any smartphone) that I feel really happy with. Things sure do bother me, don't get me wrong, but mostly I'm satisfied. I usually don't ever ask where this feature I want is or that setting I want. It's mostly all there, and to be frank, I'm really happy with this phone running Sense 5 with 4.1.2 as it is. I don't feel any need to update this experience at all. If I had to sit with this phone for two years, which I absolutely will not do, I'd be happy with it.
    Out of the box the HTC One is perfectly usable. After adding Action Launcher and Power Toggles my major gripes about the phone have been addressed. Using TouchWiz phones, I did miss the power toggles in the drop down, that's been solved with third party software in a way that is probably better IMO than Samsung's solution. Action Launcher is just a preference for efficiency, whereas if I wanted a more stock experience Nova would have served better.
    I don't feel the need to update to 4.2.2. We would be gaining lockscreen widgets and daydreams. Those are two features that just aren't that important to me. Here's why:
    On a lockscreen, really all I need to see is what time it is and maybe the date. Any notifications I need to see are already present in the top left corner. Why would I need that redundancy? I don't. I know right where to look. Google Play music and Pocket Casts let me control my audio from the lockscreen, so I don't need to add for that, and there's really nothing else I need to see there. If I need more, I'll unlock the phone and open a shutter for what I need to do.
    Daydream is a lot like a Samsung feature to me. It's really cool in concept, but not all that useful, ESPECIALLY not on this phone. With my Galaxy Nexus I'd set daydream up to show me the night clock so I could look at my nightstand in the middle of the night when I wake up. Really I only did this becuase it was there, not that I used it all that much. With HTC's One I don't see how anyone can really justify using an option that keeps the screen (biggest user of power) on during charging. Maybe if we had quick charge support I'd think different, however I probably wouldn't use it anyway.
    Any future release of Android (4.3, etc) will probably not be necessary. Google updated their Play Services to be able to push out the big important stuff to people using Android across different versions. If they're going to introduce a big must have feature they want us to use, we'll be able to use it on 4.0+ at least. What happens when we start supporting only 5.0+ or another higher version? Chances are our hardware will be considered obsolete or end of life by then anyway. Really, I don't care at all about version number updates by Google anymore.
    Updating Sense is the biggest thing any of us could ask for. We've all read the articles on the 4.2 release with Sense 5. The most exciting things are stuff like fixing the menu button problem, which is a sense problem. Percent on the battery icon is a problem really anyone can fix. I'm not talking about you and I, however HTC could solve it (which it seems they did), Google could solve it, or a third party developer could solve it as well. The app drawer will likely get changed for the better, although using Action Launcher I don't even care. Action Launcher handles this better than stock or Sense.
    The reason I'm bothering to write this huge post isn't really to badger anyone or force my ideas on you or to say BAD USER to anyone. You're all entitled to your own opinions and likes/dislikes. You're entitled to want updates as well. I just don't feel the need to have them myself.
    If I had to pick one phone at current to use for the next two years, and it was stipulated it would be just as is with no updates, I'd still pick the HTC One. I'd be perfectly happy with it 110%. The coolest thing about the now of Android phones is that we're at a point where out of box experience has reached a high threshold. We CAN use them for two years out of the box and be fine. I can't say the same for a lot of earlier generation phones.
    I used to get upset about updates and stuff. I used to root and rom every phone just to have the latest thing because I felt it would be useful. I'm glad to have reached a point where this isn't as important anymore. I can focus on using the camera to take pictures of my kid rather than hack the crap out of the phone to make it functional. It really is an exciting time to be an Android fan.

    06-02-2013 12:54 PM
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    Well said.

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    06-02-2013 02:17 PM

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