1. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Hey there

    Title is pretty much self explanatory. I can only seem to log on Skype when I am on Wi-Fi, however it doesn't connect at all when I am on Mobile Data (HSPA). I Google and I found that a lot of people had the same problem and only a few were able to overcome this by clearing data, removing and reinstalling several times, but unfortunately that did not work for me as well as a lot of other people.

    Any ideas?
    06-27-2013 05:10 PM
  2. mecca2's Avatar
    Had the same issue and this helped me Re: Skype problems with Samsung Galaxy s4 phone an... - Skype Community

    "From the homescreen : Menu (button) > Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Menu (button) > Reset to default"

    LE: ha didn't even see this is a HTC forum... sorry about that, the above solution is for Galaxy S4
    09-04-2013 11:37 AM
  3. KarolaZet's Avatar
    After 5 years from this message I was experience same problem today with my Galaxy8 and it helps!
    01-20-2018 12:53 PM

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