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    I've been wanting a new phone for a while now since my old one broke and I did crazy research everywhere online and concluded that the HTC One was the best phone for me out there. Everyone said how the build quality was impeccable, so I was really disappointed when I bought mine and it was extremely far from perfect. Here are some of the things that have been bugging me:

    1. The power button is uneven. The left side sticks up while the right side is flush. It bothered me a lot at first but now it's not a problem (because there are worse problems now lol). It still works but I feel like with such an expensive high end device, this should not be happening. Here's a photo that looks exactly like mine:
    2. The top of the screen is lifted a bit higher than the metal part above it, so when I pull down my finger gets caught a little. This honestly doesn't bother me but I thought I'd add it here because it's not supposed to be lifted, and many people online were complaining about theirs being lifted as well. The bottom part of the screen is flush, so that's good.
    3. When the Beats audio mode is turned on, there is a very audible, constant static sound when playing audio both through speakers and through earphones and it's extremely distracting and annoying. When I turn off Beats audio it goes away, but it's annoying how a feature that is so crazily advertised and praised ends up being useless for me. Again, not a major issue, but it bothers me that I can't use it even though I wish I could.
    4. A few seconds after any audio finishes, the speakers pop. When I'm at home and it's quiet it's very noticeable and extremely annoying because it happens after notification noises. The Skype notification plays and two seconds later I hear a pop. Out of all the things listed so far, this will probably be the only thing to actually drive me nuts. If I'm messaging someone on Skype a lot, the notification and popping sound happen a lot and it's ridiculously annoying. I'd just have to have my phone on silent at all times, which is a freaking shame because it has such great speakers.
    5. This doesn't bother me but the phone has slight gaps at the top and bottom. Didn't even notice until I saw a bunch of people online talking about it. No issue there for me since I already have a case on it, but I thought I should add it here.
    6. The charging port is a little bit loose. If I move the cable a little bit from left to right, it wiggles. I'm really scared of it breaking because my last phone's port broke... But then again, I took terrible care of it. This is one of the top bothersome parts of this phone, because I'm really worried about it breaking. If I take good care of this phone, will the port break if it's already a bit loose? Is it supposed to be a tiny bit loose?
    7. I was talking to my friend on Facebook today on my HTC One and listening to music at the same time, and when she messaged me it would vibrate. Most of the time everything was great, but for some of the vibrations (maybe 10% of them) the music would stop playing for about two seconds and then skip those two seconds and continue playing... It was very annoying. I understand if it happens all the time, but why only sometimes?

    Anyway, that's it for now. I'm sorry about the length of this post and I thank you for making it this far! Some of these are silly complaints and I admit that, but other ones have the potential to really drive me nuts.

    Oh, and also, I went to do an exchange in Rogers but the one they offered me me looked even more whack that my first one. From what I could see in the short period of time, it had a really flush power button (hard to press... I'd rather have an uneven but easier to press button) and both top and bottom of the screen were lifted, so I didn't want to risk doing my only exchange on a worse model. I think the whole batch is messed up... Or maybe all HTC's phones are like this.

    Are my complains legitimate or am I just being a pain in the bum? Please let me know, because my dad apparently thinks I'm being overly analytical. I was just expecting so much from all the amazing reviews and the actual phone didn't quite meet my expectations. I'm going to be stuck with this phone for the next few years, and I'm paying a lot of money for it, so why not want my money's worth?

    I'd love to keep it because I still think it's a beautiful phone and it's amazing to use, but it's just these little things that make me wonder if I should return it and opt for the Nexus phone, or wait for the new iPhone or something.

    Also, does anyone know if a future update will be fixing the software bugs I mentioned? That would help out a lot

    Thanks again for reading and I hope you will be able to give me some input/advice!
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    07-24-2013 10:09 PM
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    Wow. Considering how you describe the issues (and they do sound like significant issues), it's clear they're bothersome to you, so definitely exchange that phone before it's too late. I haven't read too much about problems with the One, but I'm sure there are plenty of people on this forum who can give you input. Obviously, with any mass-produced device, there are bound to be a few lemons, but it is concerning that the one they offered to give you in exchange seemed to have problems as well. I don't think you're being over-analytical--this is a fairly big purchase and commitment, so you'd better be satisfied with what you get.
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    07-24-2013 10:25 PM
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    The speaker pop is part of android, so...

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    07-24-2013 10:45 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The speaker pop is part of android, so...

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    Really? I haven't noticed it with my devices.
    07-24-2013 10:53 PM
  5. JHBThree's Avatar
    Really? I haven't noticed it with my devices.
    Its less noticeable on devices with rear facing speakers, but its there.

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    07-25-2013 12:16 AM
  6. HNNNNNGHHH's Avatar
    Its less noticeable on devices with rear facing speakers, but its there.

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    My old SGSII running AOSPA 3.69 did this, especially with a few certain games but never did they make a popping sound from notification tones.
    07-25-2013 02:29 AM
  7. Gator352's Avatar
    Exchange for a new one. Get one you're happy with.

    Speaker pop. It happens on you tube for mostly and it's annoying. I just pop another beer and don't worry about it.....
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    07-25-2013 04:11 AM
  8. ne0ne's Avatar
    I saw the power button issue on my friends phone. He requested a replacement and his new device is perfect. I've had my one two months without issue.

    As far as the speaker pop issue I heard it was due to the amp the htc one has. Never the less it's normal.

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    07-25-2013 04:39 AM
  9. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Get a new one! I was lucky and my build quality perfect... Well as far as I can tell! I'm happy with it. :-)

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    07-25-2013 09:27 AM
  10. naivetiu's Avatar
    I went to get a replacement with Rogers and they offered me a phone whose power button was completely flush and really hard to press, and it didn't look much better than the one they gave me first... I'm really not sure if getting a replacement is a good idea if I will end up getting a phone that is worse. I just talked to Rogers tech support and the guy was totally rude and obnoxious towards me. My gut is telling me to just return the phone all together but I don't have anything else to use... Advice would truly be appreciated because I'm so completely lost right now This is stressing me out way more than it should.

    I have three options:
    1. Return the phone (and get a Nexus? Go with a different company? I have no freaking idea)
    2. Keep the phone and deal with the problems. I'm jealous of all of you who got a perfect phone, btw. Not fair
    3. Ask Rogers to open multiple HTC One boxes and pick the one that looks least effed up. This option is obviously very unlikely.

    I hate how I can only do one exchange even if the phone isn't functioning -_- What if the second one isn't functioning either? It drives me crazy.... Or maybe by HTC's standards my current phone is totally fine....


    PS: I was growing accustomed with the phone and thinking that maybe they were all like that but all these replies really bummed me out because now I feel like an ***** if I keep a phone that's not how it's supposed to be. I don't know, I'm just so confused... It's a lot of money and I don't want it to go down the drain
    07-25-2013 09:32 PM
  11. ffejjj's Avatar
    I have them open several boxes every time i buy a phone lol. Take it back mate, but test the replacement before the exchange
    07-25-2013 09:58 PM
  12. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I just talked to Rogers tech support and the guy was totally rude and obnoxious towards me.
    Rude and obnoxious? Remind them that you're the customer, and that you have a choice. If he doesn't want to help you, then first ask to talk with his supervisor. If the supervisor won't help you, then let them know that it's unacceptable for them to be selling you new hardware that is not problem-free, and that there are other wireless providers that you can give your business to. If all else fails, write a letter to the CEO--sometimes that actually works.

    Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be persistent, and who cares if they seem annoyed with you? It's their freakin' job. But don't keep the phone if these things bother you--they'll just bother you more and more as time goes on.

    The Nexus 4 is, of course, a great phone, so if it's compatible with Rogers, then I don't think you could go wrong there either.
    07-25-2013 11:00 PM

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