1. pFunk027's Avatar
    I have what seems to be a strange problem. I have Googled around have yet to find anything similar.

    I have the DE 64GB, stock rom, on T-Mobile USA. I am in an LTE area.

    When on LTE, I can browse the web, do speedtests and most normal things that people do. However, Twitter will not update (refresh) in app, nor will Instagram. It's not that these two apps are all that important, but rather that I don't know if any other apps or services are affected. If I drop out of LTE and to another service like HSPA+, Twitter and IG update without any issue. Twitter and IG also update when connected to Wifi. It's the weirdest thing.

    To attempt to fix this, I loaded TWRP and flashed the latest T-Mobile radio onto the phone. Same exact issue.

    Any suggestions?
    08-02-2013 04:44 PM
  2. Mellimel22's Avatar
    I had a similar issue with Tapatalk. Every thing else would download or upload just fine but when I tried to open Tapatalk it would not open. The issue resolved itself in a day or two.

    Sent from my T-Mobile LG Escape using Tapatalk 2
    08-02-2013 06:16 PM

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