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  1. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    When I first started watching YouTube video it only take 1% batt every 5-6mins. But now its 1% every 4mins. Idk what happen. I try reset my phone to a brand new phone. But it doesn't help. I don't know if its the new YouTube that sucks the battery. Pls help
    08-29-2013 09:10 PM
  2. freakshow999's Avatar
    Are you watching HD or SD video? Makes a difference GPU and data usage both of which can add to battery drain.

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    08-29-2013 09:35 PM
  3. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    The quality for both result are the same. To add on, I have power saving on for both
    08-30-2013 01:45 AM
  4. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    It takes 2% batt for me to reply to you
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    08-30-2013 01:54 AM
  5. Gator352's Avatar
    What do you have your screen brightness set at? Turn off auto brightness and set it at 30-40%. This will save quite a bit in battery life.
    08-30-2013 03:31 PM
  6. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    Lowest brightness.
    08-30-2013 08:12 PM
  7. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    09-01-2013 11:59 AM
  8. Gator352's Avatar
    09-01-2013 07:56 PM
  9. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    09-02-2013 05:34 AM
  10. Gator352's Avatar
    Have you tried a factory reset? Maybe you have an arrant app sticking causing drain.
    09-02-2013 06:29 AM
  11. Eugene Teo's Avatar
    Ya I did.
    09-02-2013 08:04 AM
  12. Duke007down's Avatar
    Sounds like a rogue app. After doing the factory reset, did you install all of the same apps again? Your problem is likely an app that you recently installed that is not very battery friendly (always read reviews before installing new apps). You might want to try uninstalling a few of your most recently added apps to see if you can identify the culprit.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-02-2013 08:48 AM
  13. bbinder's Avatar
    For what it's worth, mine gets about the same battery life when I watch YouTube. I guess I just don't watch YouTube that much to notice. I certainly don't have battery issues that I notice though. Before I rooted and went with a custom ROM, my battery life sucked to be honest. Now I can use it all day without worrying about charging it. I can easily go 16+ hours, whereas before I had to make sure and charge it ~8 hours. That's without every touching the Power Saver setting. However, it certainly depends on what you're doing with your phone because you can easily drain your battery in under 4 hours depending on what you're doing. There's good apps for battery savings that can be used - however your issue is something you're seeing right while using YouTube. All I can offer is that your results are the same as mine, while using the app. Other than that, my battery life lasts quite a long time with A/V, Weather apps, multiple email accounts, Live wallpaper, no power save, auto-brightness, etc. Don't know what others are experiencing but it's always possible that it's the app.
    09-02-2013 09:21 AM
  14. Melvin1995's Avatar
    Same here , battery draining too fast . Only thing My sucks a lot on whatsapp :/ Some one please help :/

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-02-2013 10:01 AM
  15. bbinder's Avatar
    I use whatsapp constantly. Not sure what you are getting for battery life. Each device is going to behave differently based on what you have running, screen brightness, now much you are sitting there staring at it, and so on. I can burn through my battery if I'm constantly using it and not giving it a change to just stay off for awhile. Else, I'm easily getting the stats attached.
    Attached Thumbnails Htc one battery drain. Plz help-2013-09-02-19.25.14.jpg  
    09-03-2013 11:01 AM
  16. Almeuit's Avatar
    1% every 5 mins is normal.... It wouldn't be normal if the screen was off but once it on.. Battery we start to plummet.

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    09-03-2013 12:10 PM
  17. Rayman Lam's Avatar
    Do you guys happen to have the battery percentage jump instantly? I was playing this game when the phone notified me saying it was down to 15% and then 2 minutes later, it notified me it's down to 5% and then 1% in less than a minute. Is this normal, or should I be worried...?
    09-10-2013 06:26 PM
  18. devilhunterbg's Avatar
    hello everyone i am having a bad battery life since the last update on my htc one i have android system always at 95 % i did a factory reset as well it didnt fix anything i looked at the battery usage after i did it was 95% i was like wtf yesterday i et the phone die to 0 battery and then i recharged it then i thought it was gone but even though android system wasnt in the battery usage the battery was drain fast again and then after 5 6 hours the android system showed up again and its again at 95% battery usage 5% phone idle i have now like when i am not using the phone 2 hours maybe 1 % battery maybe more before that when i wasnt using it i mean before the update i had 97% without using the phone for maybe 24 hours i dont know the battery was perfect but after that update the phone got bugged or something i dont know please help me guys i really need help i dont think its becouse of the phone cuz it happened right after the update
    10-06-2013 09:52 AM
  19. bbinder's Avatar
    I have 4.3 and seeing Android system has been status quo. My battery life us just fine, even though visually it looks scary if you look at the power stats. Plenty of threads on this subject.

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    10-06-2013 10:30 AM
  20. devilhunterbg's Avatar
    how du have 4.3 ":??? i am still on 4.2
    10-06-2013 11:20 AM
  21. devilhunterbg's Avatar
    oh it will probbably come later in my country
    10-06-2013 11:21 AM
  22. bbinder's Avatar
    I use a custom ROM so I have had it for awhile.

    Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
    10-06-2013 02:43 PM

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