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    Phone: HTC One
    Carrier: T-Mobile

    I'm a bit new to this & found it a bit exhausting trying to find certain Q/A's so I figured I ask multiple questions all in one post. I do apologize if some questions have been asked already, but I either didn't find a question/answer to it or the answer wasn't clear enough to solve my concerns. Plus I think it would be helpful for a lot of other people as well.

    That being said, here are my questions... (No need for each person to answer all the questions, just whatever you can or feel like doing! )

    Battery Q's:

    1. At what % should I start charging my phone? Does it make a difference if I charge it during 1% or 10%?

    2. Does the battery stop charging after 100%? Will anything happen if it stays on charge after?

    3. How many charge cycles will it take for the battery to start wearing out or does that not matter? Is there anyway to see how many cycles it went through?

    4. Does juice defender actually save battery or does it use more battery?

    Update/Backup/Restore Q's:

    5. When there's a new update, would you normally update the phone as if it was stock or is there another way you update it when rooted?

    6. What's the best option to backup/restore all the phones data (apps, contacts, messages, etc.)? Where would the htc account back it up? Where in gmail does it get backed up?

    7. When trying to back up with lookout it doesn't back up my previous info, but when I add new contacts or pics it updates it. Does it only update new data? When constantly updating the same
    data does it make a duplicate or does it overwrite the previous data?

    Function/Logo Q's:

    8. Is there a way to enable 2 finger swype of the notification bar?

    9. Can you change the T-Mobile logo on the lock screen?

    10. Can you change the long press for the back & home button?

    11. How do you make the HTC logo a function button?

    12: Can you make youtube keep playing even when the screen is off?

    Email Q's:

    13. Why don't all my emails show up in my inbox?

    14. What's the format size exactly for in the emails option?

    Launcher Q's:

    15. What are some good launchers that don't hog battery?

    16. If you have multiple launchers, but use one does that mean only that launcher is running (using battery)? Should I disable other launchers when running one?

    Other Q's:

    17. WHat's the difference between Google, Dev. & Store Edition HTC Ones?

    18. How to delete bloatware, if any?

    19. How to fully turn off vibration? I believe my phone still vibrates only when I enter passwords.

    20. Are there apps that keep the phone awake even when you turn off the screen? Is there a way to check & turn them off?


    Yes I now that's a lot of questions for one post, but I would greatly appreciate any help!!

    09-25-2013 09:48 PM
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    No offense but it's too many questions in one post for me personally. As soon as people begin answering one of your long line of questions it's going to turn into an outta control thread that goes in every direction. I'd like to help but I'm going to stay out of this thread.

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    09-25-2013 09:56 PM
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    oh no i felt i was sitting my SATs again...
    09-25-2013 10:00 PM
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    oh no i felt i was sitting my SATs again...
    No offense but it's too many questions in one post for me personally. As soon as people begin answering one of your long line of questions it's going to turn into an outta control thread that goes in every direction. I'd like to help but I'm going to stay out of this thread.

    Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4

    Hahaaa, yea I figured.

    I didn't want to make several threads either & have people tell me that I'm posting too many threads.

    Also, I'm not looking for each person to answer all the questions, maybe a few of the ones they really know.
    09-25-2013 10:43 PM
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    As others pointed out already, you are too many questions. I'll try to answer them.


    - It doesn't matter the state of the battery when you charge it but it is recommended and almost a general consensus that you shouln't let the battery drain empty. I always charge my phone as often as I can.
    - Any phone will stop charging when the battery is full, even when you keep it plugged in.
    - There's no possible means for of owners to know when the battery will start wearing out, but you shouldn't worry about it. It's made to last a long time.
    - I always stay clear of any "battery savers" or "task killers". If you want, you can try some and test them yourself but wait a few days until your phone's battery is calibrated (3-5 days most of the time) and you have a good "feeling" on how long it lasts with your average usage.


    - Updates depend on the state of you phone. If you use custom ROMs, you can't update from OTAs. If you are using recoveries like TWRP or CWM you can't update unless you flash stock recovery.
    - HTC Backup works great. It backups up your apps, settings and data to Dropbox, not Gmail/Drive. I've restored a few times and the apps and their data are restore without problems. The same for phone settings and options.
    - I don't use Lookout, but you can search for help in a separate thread or on their website I think.
    - Try to use HTC Backup, it works very well. About your contacts, they will be synched depending on which accounts you have. Outlook/Gmail will always sync your email, contacts and calendar. You don't need to do anything else.


    - 2-finger swipe is available on Android 4.2.2. You will get it when HTC releases the Android 4.3 update which should start this week for US unlock models and Dev Edition phones.
    - I think you can't change a carrier's logo unless you use another lockscreen app.
    - The back button doesn't have any settings. On Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 you can change the Home button behavior.
    - The HTC logo can't be used a button but I've seen an app that allows you to swipe up from it and perform any task you want. I can't remember the name, though.
    - Look in YouTube settings, I don't know if that's possible.


    - Check your settings, depending on the accounts you have set up, there will be settings for keeping emails for a time period like 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. I think the largest time frame is 1 month.
    - Email size option is the amount of data the email app will download for each email unless you manually download attachments or images. Leave it at default.
    - Format is for reading. It's best to use HTML when possible because it's easier to read.


    - I think most launchers won't use a lot of battery. Try the stock launcher that ships with the One. If you want to try a third party, Nova and Apex are the one of the most popular. I use Nova.
    - You can have different launchers, but it's best to keep just one. They will consume resources if you open them at least once because they will keep services/data in the background. Use only the stock or ONE third party launcher. There's really no need to use more than one.


    - Google Play Edition ships with stock Android and stock apps for email, calendar, contacts, clock and others. you don't have access to Sense features like Zoes, Highlight and camera features, among other things. IMHO Sense 5 is great and I haven't see the need to go stock Android with a GPE ROM.
    - Developer Edition is the same as the unlocked/international model but it has 64GB instead of 32GB and ships with an unlocked bootloader.
    - You will need to root to remove carrier bloatware.
    - There's an option in the keyboard seetings to not vibrate when pressing the keys.
    - Some apps use background services for push notifications, synching, etc. They will use battery but just a little. There are apps that can check for apps that keep the phone in an awake state, search for wakelock on Play Store. I think the same thing applies for wakelocks than what I wrote about battery savers. You can keep yourself busy all the time checking if something is running or consuming resources with wakelocks but almost all apps and the Android system will handle this very well.

    I hope this helps. Try to use the search function of this forum, many of the questions you asked have been answered already.
    09-26-2013 12:34 AM
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    What a cool person you are to take such time to help someone, if only the world was full of people like you!
    09-26-2013 12:56 AM

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