1. Grant Rosen's Avatar
    Hi, I've been messing around with this for too long now haha. Decided I'd come here for help.

    I'm in college and live in a college apartment-style dorm. We have cable, but not necessarily a cable box. Our cable is fed through a device mounted on the wall that we plug into (no brand is listed on the device).

    I've been trying to set up the TV app on my phone to use it as a remote. I'm not sure what to choose for the "cable box brand" section. I've already tried talking to the front desk, but they didn't know. I've also tried contacting our service provider (MyResNet), but they weren't sure. They said that since we don't have an actual cable box, we probably can't set up the app. But before I completely give up, I wanted confirmation. Obviously I can change the channel with the TV remote, so is there any way I can set it up to change with my phone? I successfully set up the app to be able to turn the TV on/off, change volume, and view our channel guide. Changing channels is the only feature that doesn't work.
    Do wall-mounted cable boxes fall under a certain brand? Lol, I'm clueless I know. Go easy on me :P
    10-29-2013 09:00 PM
  2. robsawalker's Avatar
    You can code the channel up and down to the buttons on the remote - go into tv, touch the controller icon at the top to bring your controller up, then touch the ellipsis and select 'button setup'. select 'remote buttons' and select the up or down channel. Then follow the instructions. You can do this for whatever buttons you want.
    10-30-2013 02:15 PM

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