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    HI. I've had the HTC One since august and it was working just fine for about a month. Then all of a sudden the built in clock/alarm clock would not allow me to change the ringtone or volume, it just automatically shuts down every time i try. This goes for changing the ringtone or volume for any built in app (email, calender, etc) . It's frustrating bc it used to work fine and well now it doesnt PLUS it is all stuck on very high volume. I can change the volume of the txt and phone rintone seperatly using the side keys (just volume/vibrate/ring or silent) but i cannot change the actual ringtone and this only works for txts and phone. I have tried changng it in settings>personalize but it still doesnt work, just kicks me out. I tried doing that for each seprate built in app but it still kicked me out. I tried some other solutions from online threads like settings>power>unselect fast reboot>restart since that seemed to work for a few on other threads with similar problems but it did not work for me. any help is appreciated. THANKS!

    clock/alarm shuts down every time I try to change ringtone and/or volume. HELP~-screenshot_2013-11-12-15-02-12.jpg
    11-12-2013 05:19 PM

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