1. Fergus Buchanan's Avatar
    Hi Folks

    I'm new to this so if a thread already exists on this subject please point me at it.
    My HTC One has recently updated to Android 4.3 + sense 5.5 and I find I can no longer use different wallpapers for my lock screen and home screen as I could previously. The facility apparently no longer exists.
    Yes, I know I can use a third party app like widget locker but why should I when the facility already existed. What is it these days that developers remove useful functions just because they see fit. Is this really progress?
    I lost my phone some weeks ago and because I had put my contact details on the lock screen + I.C.E details with a self-made wallpaper, my phone was returned to me within 3 hours of the loss.


    Fergus Buchanan - UK
    11-15-2013 06:08 AM
  2. Luke Bolbot's Avatar
    This has annoyed me too.
    11-17-2013 07:57 AM
  3. Carl Kessen Sverdrup's Avatar
    Yes, there are already several threads about this, but it doesn't really matter. For what it's worth (as far as I can tell) it doesn't have anything to do with 4.3, but apparently Sense 5.5. The ones that got the 4.3 update w/ Sense 5.0 (the US users that got 4.3 before us with international devices) still have the option to use a different lock screen wallpaper. I used it to show a wallpaper that says I'm an organ donor with the phone numbers of a few family members. Sucks that it's gone. Really, really sucks.

    Edit: My thread. I honestly didn't believe that this is not an Android "future" until I tried GPE 4.3. Seems so utterly basic..
    11-17-2013 08:10 AM

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