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    I'm considering the HTC One as my new phone. I was going to select the Max but the size and lack of beats audio turned me off. The only issue I have w/ the HTC One is lack of memory card slot. I currently have a 32gb card and the internal memory on my current device. Between the two, I have about 6 gb left. Does the One have 'internal memory' as well as the 32gb? Or is it 32gb the only storage available? I saw that they have some little mini-usb devices that can be connected to the device so I suppose that is an option for additional storage. Those who switched from devices that allowed memory cards, how did you get over the storage? I would love any thoughts/opinions. Thank you
    11-19-2013 05:34 AM
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    Good morning my Goddess, how is it that I may serve you today?

    Let me start by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, a non HTC device may suit you. If you want an mSD card you can look at the Samsung devices too, the S3, S3 mini, S4, Note 2, or Note 3. That's a lot of goodness going on there. Now, if that's just offensive to you (or maybe not), your Highnesses, then yes, consider that Meenova USB mSD card reader that is just slick by all popular accounts. You can't go wrong with the silver HTC One.

    Considering giving up my HTC Evo 4G LTE for HTC One-rendering_line_all-1440x960-q8.jpg

    Considering giving up my HTC Evo 4G LTE for HTC One-capture.png

    There's just so many great phones and so many great options its not the easiest of choices. ...and with something like the Meenova, using a mSD card when you want it, and not using it when you don't just couldn't be much simpler.
    11-19-2013 06:44 AM

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