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    Hi all, I will need step by step on this one so be gentle with me please.
    I have a gone from Iphone 3gs to HTC one, I have had it now for about 7 months, when I 1st got it I wanted the sky news app but got the message:

    "app not available in your country"

    After having a read on the web I got told to load teamwin, I done that but after still got the same message about the app so I left it and just put the BBC news app on.
    My phone is now telling me that there is update available, I select to download and install the update BUT when the phone re-boots it goes into a teamwin screen and I dont know what to do from there, I have read that I need to install the stock boot loader, do I have to do this or is there a way of installing the update without doing this and if so can someone please tell me how to do this, Im not to worried about installing the sky news app I would like to update to the latest software as I do have a small problem with contacts going missing

    11-24-2013 05:59 AM

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