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    Hello. Had my htc a week now and loving it!

    I put widget locker on straight away so could customise the lock screen (it has 4.3 and sense 5.5). I also use dash clock so I get the notifications light up my screen when they arrive.

    Anyhoo I like my lock screen fairly basic with just the clock and notifications and unlock slider. My question is can you have more than one lock screen? The reason being is that I like to use google music and tune in radio and I have to keep unlocking the phone just to pause what's playing on the home screen. I would like to put the widget on the second lock screen so I can just slide across and hit pause. When widgetlocker is active I would have assumed that a widget only appear on the lock screen when something is playing in that app and then disappears when you have finished with it. Nothing shows up though.
    I have put the music apps into the pull out slider on then lock screen but there are still too many button presses to get into the app just to pause it. Can anyone suggest a way since the solid tune in radio widgets look ugly on the lock screen itself so a second lock screen would be ideal.
    11-27-2013 11:54 AM

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